30 Aug 2022

Merging the kitchen and living room with Solitaire the Waterbase

Oliver Kraemer is the revered Senior Industrial Designer at BSH Home Appliances Group, as well as the Head of Design of the newly-announced Solitaire the Waterbase brand. The forward-thinking creative was able to provide some key insights into revolutionising the kitchen, at Innovations Media Briefing 2022 in Berlin. We asked him why the kitchen environment would need improvement…

The idea was actually born with experts and clients telling us that there is a wish to change and improve the kitchen environment.
One major goal was the intention to merge the living room and the kitchen, because the kitchen shouldn’t feel like a traditional kitchen anymore, but more like a living room.

How can the kitchen sink evolve?
Honestly that depends on which region you’re living in and how you are using and utilising your kitchen. In this case, our idea was to “hide the sink” and the surrounding of the kitchen sink, to support the merging of the living room and the kitchen. Solitaire the Waterbase is an even-levelled plate that is designed to reduce water waste. It can be controlled via display, the so-called “invisible command”.

What is the importance of digital command for Solitaire the Waterbase?

To match the needs and aspirations of our target group – technology-driven early adopters – we thought it would be extremely important to, on the one hand, eliminate all mechanical devices and have it digitalised and flush-mounted within the countertop

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