4 Sep 2022

Schneider Electric aims for progress and sustainability for all 

In the fifth and final keynote of IFA 2022, Schneider Electric – global leader in industrial automation and energy management – offered an insightful hybrid presentation. Gwenaelle Avice-Huet, chief strategy and sustainability officer, and Bidisha Nagaraj, VP of global marketing, appeared digitally and in-person respectively.

Bidisha Nagaraj asked Gwenaelle Avice-Huet three questions. The first centred on Schneider Electric’s sustainable practices. Ms Avice-Huet pointed to integrated software, hardware solutions and services embedded all together. The chief strategy and sustainability officer also stressed the company’s commitment to a net zero future, halving the carbon emissions of suppliers being one goal. 

“When do you believe we are on the right track towards net zero?” was the second question put to Ms Avice-Huet. “For me net zero is not a matter of destination, it’s a journey to combat global warming,” was the reply, describing how the company intends to accelerate the electrification and digitisation of transport, industries at large and buildings, focusing on new buildings while not forgetting retrofit and renovation opportunities. The smart home in particular was identified as a key solution for combatting the CO2 emissions emitted by the residential sector. 

“It’s the home of the future we’re innovating for, with smart home energy management at its heart. We want to give everyone access to a sustainable future and continue to decarbonise our planet,” said Ms Avice-Huet.

Finally, Ms Nagaraj asked her colleague about what “home” means to her.

“Home for me is where my family lives, where your family lives,” said Ms Avice-Huet. “It should be a place where you can feel safe and comfortable in, and that includes energy too.”

Hall 5.2 / Stand 123

IFA Keynote Schneider Electric Bidisha Nagaraj, Vice President Global Marketing Schneider Electric