4 Sep 2022

Five top sourcing trends in consumer electronics

Alibaba.com reveals the latest digital tools and trends designed to help SMEs enhance their competitiveness at IFA 2022

The world-leading B2B sourcing platform is back at this year’s IFA to share some exciting insights.

In times of economic challenges and supply chain disruption, Alibaba.com aims to bring the most seamless digital sourcing experience to German business buyers to boost their competitiveness. At IFA 2022, the company has revealed five sourcing trends in consumer electronics:

1. From Stay-at-Home to the Great Outdoors

Alibaba.com has seen a surge in outdoor product sales as life begins to return to normal. Among the most popular items are outdoor speakers, waterproof earphones and sports and recreation products including portable projectors.

2. The rise of Immersive Gaming

Demand is rapidly increasing for gaming accessories that enable immersive experiences amid surging interest in the metaverse. VR gaming consoles, AR/VR headsets, and AR glasses are just a few of the many tech products witnessing significant growth on Alibaba.com.

3. Smarter Homes with the Internet of Things (IoT)

With the support of IoT technologies, the smart home category continues to boom with products becoming smarter, easier to use, and more secure. Some key features popular on Alibaba.com include wireless charging products, portable designs, as well as intelligent control systems.

4. Improved Wellbeing

As consumers look to technology to promote healthier living, improved well-being is set to be a huge B2B growth category over the coming years. Health monitoring smartwatches and bracelets that include heart rate and blood oxygen indicators remain particularly popular on Alibaba.com.

5. Sustainable and Green Electronics

Sustainability has joined the traditional market drivers of safety, performance, and price as the key considerations among buyers in the consumer electronics industry. Therefore, Alibaba.com continues to attract competitive suppliers specialised in recycled products and refurbished components.

To help SMEs defy supply chain disruptions, four million consumer electronics products on Alibaba.com are covered with on-time Delivery Guarantee for German business buyers. The B2B sourcing platform also offers Trade Assurance which protects online orders paid through the platform, to make first-time buyers worry less. Besides that, Alibaba.com has also launched Super September, its largest B2B sales event of the year, brought to German SMEs to help digitise their supply chain and stay competitive.

To defy supply chain disruption, “Super September” offers access to up to ten million ready-to-ship products with guaranteed on-time delivery.

Super September

Alibaba’s largest B2B sales event of the year is here, geared towards helping buyers access the best prices. The annual event is brought to German SMEs to help digitise their supply chain and stay competitive. It also allows them to accomplish global sourcing from anywhere with peace of mind. To defy supply chain disruption, Super September offers access to up to ten million ready-to-ship products with guaranteed on-time delivery. To bring down costs, it offers three million products at their lowest price in the last 90 days. To help discover trending products and capable suppliers, it enables search for products by uploading a picture. It also offers access to 30,000 manufacturers offering highly-customisable products powered by a specific “search for suppliers” tab.

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