4 Sep 2022

Dreame strengthens brand presence in Europe with vacuum-mopping robot that “does the housework for you”

The innovative technology company is showcasing its innovative home appliances at its booth in Hall 7.1a


Dreame Technology is presenting its new product highlights for floor care at IFA 2022. The new L10s Ultra mopping robot is the focus of the company’s IFA showcase this year. The robot vacuum cleaner “does the housework for you”, making it the perfect solution for consumers who dream of having more time in their lives.

With its 5,300 Pascal suction, the L10s Ultra delivers extremely high power, meaning it can easily handle dirt and dust. With the help of its bristle-free rubber brush, the vacuum-mopping robot keeps carpets clean without leaving any residue. Even hair doesn’t stand a chance. The cleaning station then empties the robot’s dust container automatically and fills the robot’s water tank with a cleaning solution mixture so it can mop the floor. When the job is done, the L10s Ultra automatically returns to its station, where the two mop pads are cleaned and dried.

Key selling points

  • Easily tackles dirt and dust
  • Saves time by “doing the housework for you”
  • Empties and refills itself via a specially designed cleaning station

Dreame is currently listed in Germany with Mediamarkt, Otto, Cyberport and the specialist retailer cooperation Euronics (IFA Sommergarten, A30), among others. In the first six months of 2022, the company recorded a great increase of growth in sales compared with 2021. And Dreame is expecting to grow even further.  

Being at IFA 2022, the leading trade fair for consumer electronics and home appliances, will build Dreame’s profile both in Germany and across Europe, the company says. The innovative technology firm, founded in 2017, now sells its products across more than 100 countries and regions. Its main focus is spread across four product categories: robotic vacuums and mops, bagless stick vacuums, wet and dry vacuums, and high-speed hair dryers.

Hall 7.1a, Booth 105