4 Sep 2022

Laifen: one of the fastest growing hair dryer brands

Over a million units sold globally in one year


The company’s high-speed hair dryers, with an air speed of 22m/s, are able to dry hair in the blink of an eye, while avoiding any damage from overheating thanks to its active temperature control. Additionally, the hair dryers’ 200 million/m3 negative ion generator keeps hair smooth and frizz free. All of these innovative features have been housed in a modern and stylish system, which makes very little noise – only 59dB, and is very easy to transport, weighing just 407 grams.

The high-speed hair dryer’s sensor will automatically adjust its temperature 100 times per second, for an optimal drying experience without overheating. It uses the company’s patented 110,000 rpm three phase high-speed brushless motor, as well as the smart digital air nozzle temperature control.

This innovative motor improves performance by around 20% compared to traditional motors. It was developed to enhance many easily-ignored technical details, the company says. The dryer’s motor blades have been made with aviation grade aluminum, 5-axle CNC carving craft, offering processing precision at 0.001 mm.

But it’s not all about efficiency and speed. Laifen has also designed its high speed hair dryer to stand the test of time, with a lifespan of up to 1,000 hours. Counting 10 minutes use a day, the device could last for up to 16 years.

Visitors can see Laifen’s latest high speed dryers in action at their stand 106, Hall 8.1.

Hall 8.1 / Stand 106