4 Sep 2022

TOZO X1 sound unit reaches golden frequency

TOZO X1 sound unit is the ideal combination of a 12mm bass mid-range dynamic speaker and a balanced armature driver.


The tweeter uses a customized multi-way armature unit made by Knowles Electronics, a leading American acoustic component company founded in 1946. Additionally, Knowles Sound Solutions is a leading global manufacturer of moving coil speakers and receivers for cell phones and other consumer electronics. 

Thanks to the exclusive OrigX sound technology developed by TOZO’s acoustic experts, TOZO X1 device achieves the golden frequency response curve in line with the characteristics of the human ear canal with an original lossless sound effect.

Key Selling Points

 • 12mm diameter dynamic speaker with polymer composite film materials. 
• Dynamic drivers and balanced armature drivers with crossover support 
• LDAC HD audio-decoding technology authorised by Sony

Hall 9 / Stand 600