30 Aug 2022

IFA 2022 is ready to take on the world of tomorrow

IFA 2022 Senior Vice President David Ruetz explains how the world’s most significant trade show for consumer and home electronics can help find solutions to the industry’s most pressing challenges and why collaboration is key

This year’s programme will provide the tools and space for coming up with innovative and sustainable solutions, with all eyes on the IFA Keynote stage, IFA+ Summit and IFA NEXT Innovation Engine.

What are the main trends and topics which will shape the conversation at this year’s event?
This year, the key topics are connectivity, sustainability, mobile devices, home appliances and deglobalisation. These discussions will be led by the IFA Keynote speeches and IFA+ Summit, with high-quality speakers sharing their experience and views on these topics, and what the future holds.

The theme of this year’s event and summit is deglobalisation, how do you see this trend impacting the industry going forward?
The past two years have demonstrated how quickly supply chains can become compromised. While criticism of globalisation has always existed, the climate crisis and associated social issues have fueled the debate. This is why today, it has become one of the most important topics of discussion. Because whether you are for or against, coming up with a sustainable path forward is necessary. What is the answer? Total deglobalisation? Globalisation 4.0? What would that even look like? What challenges will the consumer electronics industry face? And what can businesses and consumers do to navigate this?

These are the types of questions that the IFA+ Summit on 5 September will seek to address – and in doing so, will gather numerous outstanding guest speakers and panel discussion members from politics, industry and science. 

“I am firmly convinced that we can only overcome these challenges together, and that is precisely why it is so important for the industry to come together in Berlin and exchange ideas in person.”

A difficult question given this year’s impressive programme, but what are you most excited about?
I’m looking forward to welcoming our visitors back and feeling the pulse of business on the floor. As you know, IFA’s bread and butter has always been about innovative products, so I’m looking forward to walking through the halls and discovering what this year’s next hot product is going to be. I’m always amazed to learn about how technology is being leveraged in creative ways to help make peoples lives easier and more sustainable.

And of course the long list of exciting events, which bring together research institutes, start-ups, associations and other experts from industry and science, to produce fascinating answers to difficult questions. Finally, and this is something we are especially proud to be hosting, I’m looking forward to the panel on Friday afternoon which will highlight the role of women in tech.

Augment IFA 2022 with IFA Virtual and don’t miss a beat

IFA Virtual is the perfect tool for visitors to efficiently prepare their visit and make sure they don’t miss key events taking place at IFA 2022. The platform provides a list of exhibitors and product highlights, so users can get an overview of the global brands represented at the show. An interactive hall plan shows the areas where exhibitors will be located on the exhibition grounds. This way, visitors can plan their day in advance and schedule meetings accordingly. All of the keynote speeches taking place at IFA 2022 will be live-streamed on IFA Virtual so those who cannot attend in person can tune in. All of the other convention formats taking place at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds will also be available on the platform a day later as videos on demand.

Go to : https://virtual.ifa-berlin.com/

Diversity in the Tech Industry, Spotlight on Gender Equality – How to walk the talk?
– in partnership with BMC & Most Wanted:Music
Date: 02 September, 3pm. 
Location: Marshall Haus