13 Sep 2022

WaterKorea looks to clean Europe’s rivers and seas with its latest technology

WaterKorea, supported by ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), has presented two products at IFA 2022 which work together to collect data and clean waterways.

In an interview with IFA International, CEO Edwin Seol discussed the company’s latest technology and why now more than ever, finding alternative clean water solutions, is so important.

Mr Seol explains: “So we have been operating in Asia – China and Korea, and we wanted to reach out to Europe and especially Germany which is one of the leading countries that is focusing on sustainability.

“We are delighted to be at IFA 2022 presenting our two devices – one of them focuses on air quality while the other is a water cleaning system which also gathers data.

“Information like for example the number of bacteria is automatically collected by the device and can then be analysed via our SWIQ Platform (Smart Water Improvement Quality). This way, we can customise our devices depending on what kind of bacteria we find in the water. The device, which floats on the surface of the water, then creates ozone micro-bubbles which pushes pollution to the surface and uses Ultra Violet (UV) light to break down the bacteria. One of these devices is suitable for two tonnes of water.”

The innovative water cleaning system is being presented alongside the Air Quality Analysis and Sending Information to Control Devices, which provide fine particle/dust predictions through data analysis.

Combining these two devices can therefore help predict levels of pollution in both the air and water ahead of time.

Mr Seol concludes: “Water is life and there is a lack of water in many parts of the world like Europe. Recycling water using these devices could therefore help solve this problem”