13 Sep 2022

Ordo meets partners for the first time at IFA 2022

Since its launch four years ago, Ordo has become the third biggest electric toothbrush brand in the UK, with plans to expand globally. The company was able to make plenty of partnerships during the global pandemic, and at IFA 2022, it can meet many of its business associates for the first time.

Ordo’s stylish Sonic range has gained a spot on the shelves with some 60 UK retailers, including Boots, Sainsbury’s, Argos and Ocado. The company offers a three-step customer journey: select your toothbrush, organise your refills, and wait for it to be delivered. Its affordable toothbrushes are 100% transportable with no messy cables, and promise quality, affordability and style. Exclusive colours are set to launch at selected stores this autumn, putting fun and individuality into oral hygiene.

“It is offering customers something new,” co-founder Barty Walsh commented from his stand at IFA 2022. “We have a big focus on sustainability and simplicity rather than complexity in our products.”

Ordo’s impressive growth largely took place during the pandemic, when the company forged strong relationships with distributors and retailers, despite being unable to meet in person. For the first time last week, Mr Walsh shook hands with dozens of partners, both old and new, at IFA 2022, and set the foundations for further product launches in Portugal, Iceland, Turkey, Australia and more.

“Everybody has been really impressed,” Mr Walsh said. “The biggest thing for us here was to meet new distributors and retailers for international growth. Secondly, it is really good to come here and find inspiration as a brand creator. You can take inspiration from anything, see what innovation could apply to oral care and get excited about it.”

Ordo has pioneered sustainable products within the oral care industry, including mouthwash concentrate and a reusable bottle. It is now working on exciting new ventures, including a water flosser, a charger travel case and a new children’s range.

“We are working with schools and nurseries to find out what is going to make children want to brush their teeth,” Mr Walsh said. The brand is already gearing up to take its presence at IFA to the next level.

“Next year we are thinking of having a booth after the success we have seen this year. It has given me a positive outlook, and the confidence to invest in IFA in the future.”

Following a successful IFA debut, the brand is focusing on its international expansion and finalising the partnerships it forged in Berlin.

“It’s exciting. We will definitely be back, bigger and better,” he added.

Photo: Co-founder of Ordo, Barty Walsh