2 Sep 2022

Meet the first kids’ robot with official Disney app

Miko 3 is ready to wow the crowds at IFA 2022 as the AI robot revolutionizing the way children learn and play.

Equipped with an official Disney app, Miko 3 is designed for children aged between five and ten and promises to be as playful as it is intelligent. The kidSAFE COPPA+ certified, Mom’s Choice Award-winning robot is packed with personality and functions plus an ever-growing content platform featuring media from Disney, Paramount, Kidoodle.TV and more. 

The robot aims to educate, engage and entertain with plenty of features for all kinds of occasions. Whether it is telling a joke to lift the mood or launching a DIY craft session, Miko 3 can be an entertainer as well as a companion to young children. The robot receives consistent content updates every month, keeping kids entertained by helping them explore new activities.

Miko 3 was designed with a sense of humour, offering curious and expressive dialogue to children and making them laugh too. A wide-angle HD camera and hi-tech sensors make the robot ideal for enjoying interactive experiences that involve getting up and moving around.

Furthermore, it can help children achieve a creative spark, by helping them create music and even mint NFTs. With Miko Journeys, children are incentivised to learn skills, with special prizes the more they hone. 

Built with eight languages, Miko 3’s multi linguistic features mean it can communicate with children from all over the world with the option for youngsters to explore new languages. The Miko Parent App is a helpful tool to customise settings on the robot, with the option for adults to make secure video calls with their child, as well as tracking their progress with lessons and activities. 

Key Selling Points

  • Featured media from Disney, Paramount and Kidoodle.TV 
  • Skill teaching with monthly content updates
  • Helps children create with music tools and more
Hall 20, Stand 340