3 Sep 2022

Six essential facts about NIVONA’s new 6 Series coffee machines

NIVONA is introducing two new models of coffee machine at IFA 2022 including the NICR 690 and NICR 695 which remove the need for pushing cups around, the company claims.

Dubbed the “all-rounders for more milk froth”, the new machines come with a special twist. Both produce coffee and milk directly from the outlet while the milk valve can be opened with a simple turn of the rotary knob next to the display. Cleaning is also designed to be as easy as possible to ensure a quick and simple user experience.

Revealing all about its new products at IFA Berlin, 2022, the coffee machine manufacturer is sharing six essential facts about its new NIVONA 6 Series models.

Better milk froth compared to predecessors

NIVONA believes that experience and innovation are what bring out every last drop of coffee for the ultimate cappuccino enjoyment. That is why the company has further focused its technology and development on optimising the milk frother. The Spumatore reaches every last drop for an even better result “because it’s what goes into the cup that counts for a unique quality of cappuccino,” the company adds. 

Coffee enjoyment the easy way 

Luxury coffee comes as standard thanks to NIVONA’s high quality features including conical grinder and removable brewing. In addition to the adjustable grinding degree, the NICR 690 and NICR 695 can make espresso and coffee at the push of a button as a matter of course. The machine can also serve two cups at the same time only for coffee and espresso.

Influence the brewing process

The 6 Series is NIVONA’s classic introduction to the Aroma Balance System. This enables the user to influence the brewing process via three profiles, and thus get more flavour out of the coffee beans. It is possible to tell the virtual barista in the fully automatic coffee machine how to customise the coffee. Simple to operate than ever, the company claims.

Easy cleaning

NIVONA fully automatic coffee machines are the easiest to operate for coffee making and cleaning in their respective price classes – and this is also the case with the 6 Series. The manual EASY SPUMATORE milk frother is straightforward to clean using easyclean and the rotary knob on the side of the outlet. The descaling time has been shortened in comparison to the previous models of the series without losing effectiveness.

New design

Tidier and more compact: the NICR 690 and NICR 695 aim to embody convenient operation with their appearance. The matt black front of the NICR 690 is intended to radiate elegance, while the NICR 695 titanium style aims to impress. The company believes that “for enjoyment’s sake, the look and feel have to be right too”. 

Specialist dealers

NIVONA remains a specialist retail brand. The new models in the 6 Series are only available from those who know about coffee, service and fully automatic coffee machines. An overview of all dealers can always be found on the NIVONA homepage. Visitors to IFA Berlin 2022 can and see the new 6 Series models in person in Hall 4.1 at Stand 204

Hall 4.1, Stand 204