2 Sep 2022

The Reseller Park, where high business efficiency meets a treasure trove of contacts and ideas

The Reseller Park is back at IFA 2022 with all the ingredients for visitors to meet the right people at the right time

Jan Nintemann, managing director of Global Fairs TT-Messe, organisers of the Reseller Park, explains why bringing all industry players together face-to-face is vital for the future.

Could you provide us with a summary of what the Reseller Park is all about? The Reseller Park is a B2B community which has grown over decades and has today become accustomed to meeting at IFA. Originally focused on the telecoms sector, the Reseller Park now covers almost the entire IFA shopping basket via its 90 exhibitors including manufacturers, distributors and traders, within mobile and consumer electronics, IT devices, accessories and SmartHome technology, as well as more recently sustainable business opportunities such as refurbishing and green tech solutions.

The Reseller Park brings all these suppliers together with buyers, which is how new contacts and business models are continuously being created. One of the important aspects of visiting a trade show is that you go home with ideas and contacts that you didn’t even think of on the way there, to accelerate market adaptation and produce good trade show results. This is what the Reseller Park is all about.

What are the tangible benefits of the Reseller Park? For exhibitors, participation at the Reseller Park always leads to a high business efficiency. In other words, even a very low trade fair preparation effort is matched by a relatively certain trade fair success – due to an above-average visitor contact rate of product-savvy trade visitors.

What – according to you – are the core topics at this year’s show? For me, the main focus of this year’s IFA is the topic of sustainability. The organisers, gfu, have taken up this topic with great commitment. Instead of ever faster, more powerful, more brilliant and more convenient products, consumers are increasingly focusing on other priorities, namely products and solutions which are the most environmentally friendly and cause the least damage to the environment.

How important are events like IFA 2022 for the future of industries such as consumer electronics? Well, even the world of consumer electronics is not perfect. To overcome the challenges of the future, a huge and accelerated transformation to a climate-neutral world of business and commerce is needed. Faced with such big transformations, trade shows have an important role to play because this is where new products, solutions and business practices are conceived.

Why is it important for key industry players to meet face-to-face? Not only should key industry players be meeting, but also as many B2B market participants as possible. I would not exclude the end consumers and media because we need to involve the public more strongly in these transformative processes, especially when it comes to green technologies.

Hall 25, Stand 101