Digital health startups received record investment in 2021

Digital health startup companies based in America received record amounts of venture capital in 2021. Investors contributed capital to a range of companies across the digital health sector, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Digital health startups have gained major attention in recent years, thanks to innovations such as big data, artificial intelligence and the rise of remote care working. 

It has been reported that US digital health startups received around €33.52 billion ($37.9 billion) in 2021, across 1,372 venture deals. This is up around 74% from 2020, where it was reported that approximately  €19.18 billion ($21.7 billion) was invested from 1,265 financings. Even more impressive, the 2021 amount is up around 385% from 2015, when digital health startups raised around €6.9 billion ($7.8 billion) from 1,146 venture deals. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant some sectors like telemedicine and small-scale clinical trials have been boosted. Medable Inc, a technology provider for decentralised medical trails, received around €269 million ($304 million) in 2021. Cerebral Inc, an online mental health service, received around €265 million ($300 million) in 2021. 

Sunny Kumar, an investor in Medable, told the Wall Street Journal. “We are seeing very strong fundamental growth in the best-performing digital-health companies”. 

Photo – top of page – National Cancer Institute / Unsplash

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