Dreame Technology launches new AI powered vacuum cleaner

Smart home appliance outfit Dreame Technology has announced a new AI-powered robot vacuum, the DreameBot D10s Pro, which will be released this month.

The DreameBot D10s Pro has a range of attractive features. It uses artificial intelligence to recognise and navigate obstacles, has advanced LDS (Laser Detector Systems) mapping, along with a powerful 5,000 Pa suction   

A vacuum with laser detection and object recognition

The 5,000 Pa suction works with a bristleless rubber brush to clean carpets, removing dust and dirt, without hair tangling, and on carpets or hard floors. Dreame Technology has said the product is perfectly-suited for households with pets.

The DreameBot D10s Pro uses advanced artificial intelligence and Laser Detector Systems to avoid obstacles, providing the user with a hands-free experience when cleaning the home. 

“AI accurately identifies and avoids obstacles, identifies rooms to recommend cleaning strategies, and rapidly constructs maps of your home to deliver effective, efficient cleaning that doesn’t miss a spot,” says Dreame Technology.

The D10s Pro is also innovative in how it can recognise and avoid obstacles when cleaning around the home. Objects and obstacles are detected using lasers, which can define distance and shape. Furthermore, an RGB camera is used to provide a visual image of the robot vacuum’s environment, which is then used to recognise specific household objects like toys or charging cables. Dreame Technology says its product can react to certain objects and obstacles using “tailored avoidance strategies,” which depend on variables like how close an object is. 

The device also functions with an accompanying Dreamehome app. With this, users can gain direct access to the robot vacuum’s camera, and keep track of activity within their home. 

Users can enjoy up to 4.6 hours (280 minutes) of continuous cleaning with the D10s Pro, thanks to a 5,200mAh battery. A smart feature is that the vacuum will actually return to recharge automatically when it senses its battery is running low. After charging, the robot will again resume work automatically. 

“With D10s Pro, Dreame Technology is making a bold move to make AI-powered automatic cleaning more convenient and accessible to all.” says the company.

The D10s Pro is a vacuum with laser detection and object recognition. (Photo: Dreame Technology)
The D10s Pro is a vacuum with laser detection and object recognition. (Photo: Dreame Technology)

Dreame follows up innovations with wet and dry vacuums

Dreame Technology also recently announced two new products in Europe: the M12 Wet and Dry Vacuum and H12 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum.

The former has been described as a two-in-one intelligent floor cleaner, offering users wet and dry cleaning for hard floors, as well as handheld cleaning too. 

The M12 has a purpose-built design for baseboards and corners, along with a range of technical features to guarantee endurance and long-term use. 

“Endurance has become an important scoring standard for electrical products and for this reason M12 is equipped with six 4,000mAh batteries to deliver over half an hour of wet and dry cleaning or up to 60 minutes of handheld vacuuming on a single charge,” the company says.

Furthermore, the product uses a 920ml Clean Water Tank to supply water for hard-floor cleaning, and can customise its own suction power depending on the object that is being cleaned. 

Users can also use the M12’s hand vacuum for a portable cleaning device, ideal for sofas or desktops. The M12 features a maximum suction power of 12,000 Pa, making it a helpful and versatile cleaning tool

On the other hand, the H12 Pro features an “edge-to-edge cleaning design,” in which the brush is extended so that dirt is cleaned whether its a dry or wet clean.

The device supports a self-cleaning function, which works as the vacuum is cleaning the floor. A brush scraper is uses to detangle hair and scrub dirt, so that users can constantly attend to their house with a clean brush.   

As well as this, the H12 Pro was built with a dual tank design, with a 900ml Clean Water Tank and 700ml Used Water Tank, which provides users with enough water to clean hard floors in a way that actually saves water use.  

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