Ecovacs sets new standards in floor cleaning thanks to its Deebot T10 family

Ecovacs Robotics proudly presents its AI-powered Deebot T10 range of products.

The T10 family features three mopping robots – the Deebot T10, the Deebot T10 PLUS and the Deebot T10 TURBO. Ecovacs’ robots feature newly-developed AIVI 3.0 AI technology, which allows them to detect obstacles more rapidly when cleaning around the home. The models are also equipped with a more powerful Horizon Sunrise 3 processor, making its AI more advanced and capable of recognising single images up to 20 times faster.

A built-in Starlight HD camera means users can easily navigate all types of area, even in low light. The camera allows users to see every corner of their home while cleaning.

In addition, the voice assistant YIKO is on hand to help users control and guide the cleaning robots. It has been described as the industry’s first integrated interactive natural language assistant for household robots, and can speak multiple languages.

Ecovacs cleaning robots
Ecovacs T10 cleaning robots (Credit: Ecovacs)

The Deebot T10 family features a four-stage cleaning system. Two side brushes handle floor dust, while the main brush is used to sweep the floor. The robots have been specially designed to adapt to different environments, regardless of the floor type. The robots are also equipped with differing mopping systems for various surfaces and cleaning methods.

Look no further than the Deebot T10 range from Ecovacs for a family of innovative, dependable robots which aim to set a new standard in floor cleaning.

Key selling points

• Newly-developed AIVI 3.0 AI technology
• Voice assistant YIKO helps the user along the process
• Four-stage cleaning system

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