13 Jan 2023

Hardware supplier Elecrow launches Crowbot Bolt robot car to help kids code

Hardware supplier Elecrow launches Crowbot Bolt robot car to help kids code


Hardware facilitation company Elecrow has recently unveiled the Crowbot Bolt, a programmable toy car, followed by a series of robot products.

The Chinese company had previously launched the CrowPi programmable laptop series for children, and recently made the decision to expand into educational toys. 

The Crowbot Bolt has been described as a programmable car robot, specially designed to educate children on how to code. The robot car uses Elecrow’s Letscode language, as well as coding languages Arduino and Micro Python. 

The car offers 16 lessons on how to code, from visual activities to real code-scripting. The product is ideal for young people with an interest in coding, with lessons leading to “expert level.”

In terms of technical specifications, the Crowbot Bolt features a ESP32-Wrover-B main chip, and has two I2C interfaces. Furthermore, the product can connect to over 150 modules and expansion boards, and can be paired with the Crowbot Joystick via Bluetooth. The robot car features ultrasonic sensors, line patrol sensors and photosensitive sensors to function, with a range of operating modes.

The car itself has an acrylic black paint job with a PCBA-integrated chassis. However, users can take apart the robot car to educate themselves on engineering and installing electronic building-up mechanisms. 

Elecrow says that programmes used by Crowbot Bolt are open-sourced, with educational lessons and projects being available online too. 

“With the self-developed graphical programming software Letscode, children with zero basis can easily learn programming courses through simple block dragging games,” says Elecrow. 

“Crowbolt trains children’s hands-on ability as well as their logical thinking ability and learning ability.”

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