10 Aug 2022

Electric toothbrush market projected to reach $6.1bn by 2027, says FMI

Electric toothbrush market projected to reach $6.1bn by 2027, says FMI

The electric toothbrush market is predicted to grow to $6.1bn (€5.9bn), driven by growing concerns over dental hygiene, a rise in the prevalence of periodontal diseases and increasingly innovative technology.

Other drivers will include ease of usage, positioning an electric toothbrush as a smarter choice over manual alternatives, despite their higher price point, according to analysis by Future Market Insights.

In addition, electric models integrated with advanced technologies such as rotation oscillation and sonic action will continue to see solid demand over the forecasted period. Innovative, multifunctional models which help people develop more appropriate brushing habits and techniques will also gain traction.

Finally, electric brush models specialised in teeth whitening, and sensitive teeth brushing are among the other segments which are expected to witness a steady rise in popularity.

According to FMI’s report, North America will represent the largest market share of the electric toothbrush industry, owing to the heightened prevalence of oral health conditions and awareness, coupled with the rapid adoption of electric toothbrushes and other advanced technology enabled products.

Tech-driven innovations

The FMI report states: Unlike manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes are integrated with efficient technology to improve conditions such as gingivitis which ultimately result in plaque formation. These toothbrushes are equipped with brush heads that are replaceable, and provide reminders for due replacement.

Furthermore, an electric model is equipped with pressure sensors that provide information on hard brushing. Electric toothbrushing is increasingly perceived as easier and safer than conventional counterparts, especially for children and seniors. Research also suggests that those with conditions such as arthritis, which restrict movement or make it painful, find it easier and more comfortable to use electric toothbrushes.

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