Evosonics launches beauty and healthcare tech featuring sound vibration

South Korean healthcare brand Evosonics has unveiled a number of devices which all use sound vibration as a means to heal.

According to Evosonics, after studying neuro and cell regeneration-related fields since early 2021, Seoul National University’s Institute of Immunology discovered an optimised sonar stimulation method in which human dermal fibroblasts, collagen, and mitochondria are activated.

This technology has now been commercialised in combination with physical therapy devices for pain relief, starting with beauty devices.. The company claims to have attracted 3 billion South Korean Won (€2.2m) worth of investment for professional medical device development projects.

This investment was aimed at realising the possibility of electronic drugs in the company’s first attempt to enter the medical care market for EVOSONICS.

Among the products to be launched are “Evo Sleep” – a pillow-type sleep tech device that applies sonic vibration, aiming to correct vertebral posture by balancing the body and induce deep quality sleep (REM sleep) with sound wave technology, the company says. It also features Bluetooth functionality so users can listen to their favourite soothing music while drifting off.

Also to be unveiled, under the brand Dr Spa, is Evosonics’ Bluetooth-based scalp cleansing and massaging device – the Sonic Scalp Massager, as well as the Evosonics Sound Wave Aesthetic bed which claims to be able to help prevent musculoskeletal diseases with its ultrasonic massage technology, while offering relaxation.

The company’s Body Sound Wave Balance Trainer, meanwhile, is designed for use in rehabilitation, physical therapy, and fitness training. It can be used for high-level exercise such as fitness programs such as full-body and lower-body muscle exercises, balance training, and improving balance, Evosonics says.

According to the brand, it helps to prevent injury by activating nerve feedback, which can be lost or diminished after injury, risking further injury. The company claims that its device can activate sensory nerves through acoustic vibration stimulation, causing nerves to become sensitive, preventing injuries and improving gait.

Finally, “Evocell 2”, a whole body sound wave/ion therapy device will complete the line-up.

Evosonic says this product targets the superficial musculoaponeurotic system, or SMAS layer of skin to tighten loose skin, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance. In addition, Evosonic says it can enhance lymphatic circulation and waste drainage, it can contributes to rapid wound recovery and muscle fatigue improvement by inducing cell proliferation, and can increase collagen in the dermal layer of the skin, stimulating collagen growth, necessary for regeneration of cartilage and blood vessels.

Evosonic also claims it provides drug-free pain relief by reducing inflammation.

Using invested seed money, Evosonic says it is also developing new medical devices to reduce the pace of progress in dementia in collaboration with global dementia treatment development companies, and that it has recently been recognised by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

In addition, the acoustic vibration module, which is Evosonic’s original technology that can be grafted into various fields, has been recognised for its value as a component, and has secured quantitative evaluation standards for sound wave vibration through the Gangwon-do material-part-equipment support project.

Products are currently only available in South Korea and some are still in development, but the firm is seeking partners who can market and sell the products globally.

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