EZVIZ launches highly innovative pan-tilt-zoom smart camera

Smart home innovator EZVIZ is revolutionising the smart home security market with their award winning 8x 360° zoom model, the C8PF.

The C8PF is a strong addition to EZVIZ’s latest C8 Pan & Tilt Camera Series, which already includes the best-selling C8C, the entry-level C8C Lite and the 2K version C8W. Designed to provide ultra-flexibility, the feature-rich C8 Series delivers reliable performance in outdoor conditions, and elevates the convenience by allowing users to move the camera’s view remotely in 360 degrees. It is also a series truly made for everyone. With multiple models available, the series can cater for different needs and budgets, and satisfy both the tech-savvy and the smart home beginners.

The C8PF has been designed not only to provide impressive 8x mixed zoom, but also to provide unique in-app picture-in-picture display. This renders close-up details as well as background information at the same time. Its vision is further improved by 360° rotation and AI-powered human shape detection to provide smart view with zero blind spots. This flexibility allows the camera to fulfil highly complicated home protection tasks.

“The C8PF is a flagship product to our C8 Weatherproof Pan & Tilt Series,” said Jenny Zhu, product manager of EZVIZ’s C8 Series. “An exemplary ‘all-in-one’ camera, the C8PF hits multiple targets at once: a pan & tilt camera designed for any weather, a single device with long-range and panoramic views, and an active guard for 24/7 protection.”

With unprecedented, zoomable 360° panning, the camera covers front yards, back yards, and entryways with performance equivalent to a multi-camera security system. The C8PF is smart enough to detect human shapes and send real-time alerts at the presence of visitors – whether expected or otherwise. Integrating a 12 mm telephoto lens with a 2.8 mm wide-angle lens, the camera clearly displays both far-off details as well as a wide-angle views thanks to its picture-in-picture mode.

With simple app controls, users can rotate the C8PF and zoom in and out smoothly to optimise the camera’s coverage. Two-way communications and extra-large 512 GB on-camera storage capacity are also among the features of the C8PF.


The C8PF showcases the continuous innovation that sets EZVIZ apart in the industry. With in-house capacities for product research and development, EZVIZ has been leading in core technologies such as advanced video, AI, and cloud computing. Moreover, the company has successfully bridged high technologies with everyday life through easy-to-use products, all-in-one app controls and simple Wi-Fi connectivity. Starting in security cameras, EZVIZ has developed a competitive smart home ecosystem that interconnects smart doorbells, smart door locks, sensors, smart lighting, and more.


A 2020 Good Design Award winner, the C8PF avoids overstating the complex functionality in its design, ditching the bulkiness of traditional home cameras with a lightweight, attractive housing. In short, the C8PF has made commercial-grade protection affordable, accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Key selling points:

  • Flexibility – covers all the bases
  • Exceptional zoom capability
  • Human shape detection
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