Colour me purple… Firewalla introduces trendy new network security device

Cybersecurity company Firewalla has added to its collection of colour-themed devices with Purple, a portable network security device. 

Firewalla may not be a household name yet, however the cybersecurity product company has made quite an impression with its colour-themed products. The most recent, Purple, was launched in January 2022, with a range of useful features for a home network device. 

The product features two gigabit Ethernet ports, along with the capability to create a short-range Wi-Fi network while on-the-go. So, whether you are working in a public space such as a coffee shop, or staying at a hotel, you will have an extra layer of network security. 

Purple also functions as a home router, or as a monitor for traffic and harmful software by setting it up between your modem and router. Purple can send you alerts through the Firewalla app on mobile devices. You can connect to your home network via a VPN, which protects your WiFi activity while you are out of the house. Devices and files stored on your home network can also be accessed while users are on-the-go. 

Purple follows Firewalla products like Red, Gold and Blue Plus. Each device varies in price and provides a different service as a home network device. 


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