French CE brand launches GPS fitness tracker for dogs

European consumer electronics brand and GPS specialist Invoxia has unveiled a fitness wearable and GPS tracker for dogs, enabling owners to monitor the health of their pets while keeping track of them.

The new product – called the BioMetric Smart Dog Collar is an upgrade on the GPS tracker Invoxia launched in 2018 and is, according to the manufacturer, the first in the smart wearable in the pet market to use artificial intelligence (AI).

The smart collar is equipped with accelerometers and cutting-edge miniaturised radar sensors with embedded Depp Neural Network capabilities, so the collar can monitor vitals and the overall respiratory system of the canines while also measuring heart rate – all in a non-evasive, comfortable manner.


Invoxia says it can detect different behaviours and habits, building on millions of data points collected from pet activity. Featuring contextual intelligence, it uses the “best geolocation technology according to its surroundings”.

The Smart Dog Collar’s health, behaviour and activity tracking has been developed in collaboration with veterinary specialists, and has been, in part, inspired by a report published by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) Specialty of Cardiology.

The team also used the advice of Romain Pariaut DVM, DACVIM, DECVIM-CA of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University and an expert in veterinary medicine, on primary care for dogs with heart problems.

Invoxia said it continues to work with pet health experts in order to improve the detection of new biomarkers and go even further with early disease detection and the monitoring of pet health and well-being.

Romain Pariaut commented: “For dogs suffering from heart disease, structured home-based care programs that include continuous monitoring of respiratory and heart rate while attending to appetite and ideal body weight are encouraged. A higher than normal resting respiratory rate is one of the most pertinent indicators of impending heart failure.”

Real-time tracking

As well as analysing and evaluating for irregularities in heart rhythm, the smart collar offers real-time tracking with Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi and LTE-M for stable and reliable connectivity. In addition, Invoxia says its further improved the smart wearable’s tracking capability by utilising data gathered from its original Pet Tracker released in 2018.

In terms of design, Invoxia describes the collar as stylish and comfortable yet versatile, with the sensor placed “in an ideal and practical location to obtain reliable and accurate readings without compromising the dog’s comfort”. The collar also features a removable and washable fabric cover, making things easy for pet owners.

Finally, the Invoxia BioMetric Smart Dog Collar can, says the manufacturer, monitor a dog’s daily activities and differentiate active actions from rest periods. The newest product comes with a feature called Escape Alerts, which is said to be particularly useful for dogs with a high risk of running away.

It also has a built-in buzzer that detects the dog collar wearer if it is adjacent, hiding under a car, or trapped somewhere.

The collar is expected to hit the market in Summer, 2022.

Key Selling Points

  • GPS tracking, journey history, escape alerts (personalised safe zones)
  • “Lost Mode” can be activated if a dog runs away, gets lost or is stolen.
  • Proximity radar and ringer for the last few feet

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