Fitr Training receives over one million euros to expand operations

The remote training software provider has drawn the eyes of industry players, and has received a new round of investment. 

Fitr Training has become one of the names-to-know in the world of fitness technology. The global software as a service (SaaS) business offers remote coaching software to its clients, and has drawn the eyes of industry players such as CrossFit star Mat Fraser. 

Global brands and businesses benefit from the platform by receiving tools to create scalable online training businesses, which reportedly can save time and money. A variety of revered brands and businesses have used the Fitr Training software, including Invictus, Gymshark Lifting Club and The Athlete Program. Mat Fraser’s HWPO business is one of the more recent companies to adopt Fitr’s innovative software.  

The company recently received approx. €1.1 million ($1.2 million) in a fundraising round, providing liquidity for Fitr to boost its active user base, as well as produce additional functionality on the platform. The investment will also be used to increase staff numbers and focus on customer acquisition.

Fitr Training offers a remote coaching software platform that lets trainers develop scalable online businesses. (Photo: PxHere)
Fitr Training offers a remote coaching software platform that lets trainers develop scalable online businesses. (Photo: PxHere)

Fitr Training: the story so far  

Fitr Training was launched in 2017, founded by entrepreneur Leon Cassidy. Since then, the company has produced a remote coaching software platform that lets trainers develop scalable online businesses. 

The recent investment round saw the aforementioned Mat Fraser join the Fitr Training Board of Directors, along with his business associate Matt O’Keefe. This sees the management team receive added industry reputation and respect.

The global pandemic has been the catalyst for a boom in remote coaching and training. Fitr Training has seen year-on-year growth of generated income increase by 90% to reach a value of approx. €2.2 million ($2.4 million). 

The company offers two mobile apps: one for clients and one for coaches. The Client App gives users the platform tools needed to follow fitness programming, and stay in contact with their coach. They can add notes, share media and offer feedback too, giving users the option to train from anywhere with their remote coach. 

The Coach App allows coaches to avoid personal messaging apps to manage their clients, with access to their client list in one place, and the option to communicate with individual clients or with whole programme communities. Users can manage their daily leaderboards and challenges remotely.

“Extremely exciting” times for Fitr Training

Fitr Training CEO and Founder Leon Cassidy said “The closing of this round is extremely exciting for us, 2021 was a year of incredible growth with a number of big name moves from leading athletic coaching providers and individual coaches”.

“The additional cash reserves provided in this round will allow us to massively increase our investment in the platform’s infrastructure and development, pursue more aggressive customer acquisition and build on the progress made over the last year”.

Cassidy called Fraser’s newfound involvement in the company “a great endorsement”, and said that “our product is the only one on the market that is really delivering a solution to allow coaches to deliver amazing programs, scale them at speed and manage the back office and payment channels”. 

Matt O’Keefe, CEO of HWPO, said “We are beyond excited to participate in this round and look forward to seeing Fitr Training continue to grow its market share”. 

“Our decision to trust Fitr Training to develop the standalone platform for HWPO comes at the end of an exhaustive deep dive into the available providers and through that process we formed an excellent opinion of the management team and the market opportunity for this venture”.

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