Galaxy Book3 series seamlessly connects Samsung ecosystem

The newly-announced Samsung Galaxy Book3 series has an array of forward-thinking features including connectivity options with other Samsung devices. 

Samsung’s latest flagship PC lineup features the Galaxy Book3 Ultra, as well as the Book3 Pro 360 and Book3 Pro. 

The Ultra has a set of dynamic features, including a 2-in-1 convertible design and S Pen functionality, while the Book3 Pro has a lightweight design that makes it purposefully portable. 

Samsung says its Book3 series is made for those looking to make use of multi-device connectivity, with the dependable hardware to carry out all manner of tasks. 

“Today, we’re seeing an increasing number of people using multiple devices to perform efficiently. These new workflows are made possible thanks to our open and extensive Galaxy ecosystem,” said TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. 

“The latest Galaxy Book3 series further enriches our connected offerings. It is tailor-made for Galaxy enthusiasts looking for ultra-high computing performance and seamless connected Galaxy experiences to maximize their productivity and creativity.”

Galaxy Book3 series connects Samsung’s devices 

Samsung’s Galaxy Book3 series offers users a comprehensive connected experience. Linking to Windows/Microsoft Phone Link means users can enable phone-to-PC connectivity on different operating systems. 

Linking to Windows/Microsoft Phone Link’s Recent Websites allows users to start browsing on one device, then continuing the search on another device. Furthermore, the Instant Hotspot feature allows users to easily connect to local wireless hotspots. 

Connectivity features also include Samsung Multi Control, which lets people use their keyboard and trackpad from the Galaxy Book3 Series to operate their PC, Galaxy Tab or Galaxy smartphone. Then there is the Second Screen feature, which allows users to configure their Galaxy Tab into a supporting monitor. 

Users can use Expert RAW to take high quality photos on their smartphone and transfer them immediately to other Galaxy Book3 series devices, where pictures can be edited in detail. 

Samsung says it is easy for users to get started with the new Galaxy Book3 series. Users are asked to sign into their Samsung Account on their Book3 device, with Samsung’s Single Sign On feature synchronising their details with their other devices. The Samsung Pass option allows users to save their favourite websites, so they can easily access them on other local devices. 

Additionally, the Galaxy Book Smart Switch simplifies the transfer of data from an old Windows PC to a new Book3 device, with Galaxy Book Experience providing users with a guide to onboarding the new series of products.

Dependable power and hardware: what makes the Book3 series tick

The Galaxy Book3 series features high-level hardware to offer users top performance across devices, with upgrades to the display, CPU, GPU and more. 

The Galaxy Book3 Ultra has the most recent 13th Gen Intel Core i9 processor, which apparently makes it the fastest Galaxy Book of all time. The device also features the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop GPU, offering “studio-grade” graphics which are ideal for gaming and also for users creating their own projects and experiences. 

The Dynamic AMOLED 2x Display, first seen in Galaxy’s premium smartphone series, features in the Galaxy Book3 Ultra and Pro products, with 3K resolution and customisable 120Hz refresh rate too. Samsung also claims its display is VESA ClearMR and DisplayHDR TRUE BLACK 500 certified, as well as SGS Eye Care Display certified for “the guaranteed reduction of blue light.”

“All these improvements empower users to perform multiple demanding tasks, watch rich and detailed content without loss of fidelity and play high-spec games smoothly,” Samsung explained in a press release. 

“Plus, depending on your viewing needs, you can opt for either a 14-inch or 16-inch display featuring a 16:10 aspect ratio with the Galaxy Book3 Ultra and Pro series.”

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