Wyze launch garage door controller with AI-powered camera to monitor activity

Users can now view and open their garage door from any location, thanks to the Wyze Cam v3 and a controller box, through the Wyze app.

According to Wyze, other smart controllers require battery-powered sensors or complicated sensor wiring to work, using a contact sensor to track activity around a garage door. However, the release from Wyze features artificial intelligence technology in its built-in camera. In place of a tilt sensor, the device has an AI-powered camera that views a QR code to see if the garage is open or closed. This could be embraced by users with door sensors that offer false readings.

The device is made for moments like checking whether the user left the door open, and is compatible with most other “opener” brands.

The Wyze Cam v3 and garage door controller can be bought in a bundle, or the controller can be purchased separately. The bundle retails around €38 ($40), while the controller alone is around €18 ($19).

Key selling points:

  • Users can easily find the exact time when their garage door was opened, left open, or closed.
  • Streams 1080p HD video in full colour, even at night, with the included Wyze Cam v3.
  • Notifies the user when motion is detected, records 24/7 with local microSD storage, even sets off a mini-siren to scare off intruders.

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