Beer Here! H.Koenig launches 6-litre beer dispenser

Small appliance brand H.Koenig has announced the launch of a new beer dispenser –  the BW1688 – which is compatible with all 6L pressurized kegs, including Heineken®, and guarantees beer conservation for up to 30 days.

Features include an integrated cooling system which enables the beer to be enjoyed at an ideal temperature, adjustable between 3°C and 12°C, while the LED display shows temperature, volume and remaining keg time, H.Koenig says.

Users are also able to connect 5L pressurized kegs with the included connector and enjoy a wider variety of beer brands.

According to the brand, it undertakes four main objectives with its products:

Sustainability: Committed to repair over replacement wherever possible, spare parts for eligible products are now available for a period of at least 10 years. The online store offers a extensive selection of spare parts which are available immediately, the company says.

Materials: H.Koenig’s ambition is to manufacture products according to more eco-responsible criteria. The brand adds that it is striving to develop the range so that the products will eventually be designed with recyclable materials, use refrigerant gases with a low ecological impact, contain no brominated flame retardants and be certified BPA-free.

H.Koenig is currently also working on eliminating all polystyrene packaging and replacing more and more of its packaging with cartons, which are considered more environmentally friendly.

Cleaner logistics: sea transport is favoured for long distances, by opting for slower and less polluting transport, thus reducing the carbon footprint for the planet. A project to set up river transport (barges) is planned in France from 2022.

Social commitment: H.Koenig also regularly donates products to the French Red Cross, which holds sales to enable people in precarious situations to equip themselves. The money collected is then used to create food packages.

A real solidarity cycle!

H.Koenig also wants to be close to its customers and regularly organises collaborative repair workshops which aim to introduce the After Sales Service, the teams, but above all to teach its customers to repair their products themselves.

100% free of charge, spare parts and necessary equipment are provided during the repair.

H.Koenig says it is looking forward to welcoming visitors to its stand at the IFA trade show this September.

Alcohol misuse is dangerous for your health, please drink responsibly

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