Haier introduces new, smarter tumble-dryers

Haier said its I-Pro Series 5 tumble-dryer is the ultimate premium tumble dryer that can address all laundry needs thanks to the Chinese manufacturer’s innovative connectivity features and exclusive functions.

The I-Pro Series 5 Tumble Dryer promises “Professional results at home”, at the core of this range. Thanks to the power of Haier Connectivity and Artificial Intelligence enhanced by the hOn App, users will receive superior and customised performances never seen before.

The model can also be connected to the user’s smartphone for complete control. By downloading the hOn App, users can get full access to their tumble-dryer, from picking the right cycle and controlling its status, to receiving personalised notifications and suggestions for ad-hoc results. 

Haier Connectivity and the advances of artificial intelligence are at one’s fingertips for every need, the company claims.

For example, the Synchro Wash + Dry allows users to connect the tumble-dryer to a Haier washing machine, and automatically suggest the perfect drying program for one’s laundry.

The Tumble Dryer can also activate the Artificial Intelligence cycle, that automatically adapts drying conditions to the amount and type of garments. In this way, the appliance takes care of keeping clothes’ softness and health intact. 

The Haier tumble-dryer features an Artificial Intelligence cycle

The tailor–made experience is further improved by the Drying Lens function, which lets the user take snapshots of their garments’ labels and sets the correct cycle for them without needing to guess. Finally, the Stop & Go feature manages the drying programme, by notifying the user to pause it as the lighter pieces are fully dried. Then, the cycle restarts to complete drying more resistant garments. 

Haier said the tumble-dryer features several exclusive hygiene functions that take care of clothes.

The I–Refresh programme uses a gentle warm flow of air to sanitise and soften laundry. I–Refresh also removes odours, fine dust, and allergens, as well as reducing creases in the fabric. The specialist Hygienic Function sets in motion a cleaning action, just by the click of a button. The temperature and dry level get immediately set to the highest level up to 60°C, at which more than 99% of bacteria are eliminated.

This VDE-certified technology will make sure loads are completely sanitised so that clothes stay healthier for longer. Finally, Haier 3-in-1 filter system improves the machine’s durability by collecting all lint and fluff with its three levels of filtration. 

Key selling points:

  • Smart Drying
    The Synchro Wash & Dry function automatically provides with the apt drying cycle based on the laundry done. In addition, the Stop & Go function gives the possibility to customise the drying cycle of clothes. A notification will warn when the lighter items are ready to be taken out the dryer and have heavier ones complete the cycle. 
  • Artificial Intelligence Cycle
    With the hOn App, it is possible to remotely recognise the quantity of garments, the fabric and the load and automatically set the cycle. 
  • Hygienic Function
    Simply press a button to start the Hygienic function. The appliance will eliminate more than 99% of bacteria from clothes* during the cycle. * VDE certified 
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