Is the Hohem iSteady M6 the future of smartphone gimbals?

Featuring enhanced AI technology and more, the iSteady M6 is the new smartphone gimbal to watch from China-based manufacturer Hohem. 

The iSteady M6 features an AI-powered auto-tracking system, technology which has previously been praised with the iSteady V2 released in 2021. The iSteady M6 has an enhanced AI auto-tracking system which can respond quicker and more sensitively to objects and subjects. This is due to an “advanced algorithm,” as well as more flexibility with the axes angle.

Auto-tracking can be enabled with physical gestures such as making the “okay” gesture, and the feature does not need to be powered with another app. Hohem says its AI auto-tracking system is ideal for solo photographers, making them able to stage photoshoots and videos with just the gimbal for company.

The auto-tracking capabilities are able to detect a subject’s face, as well as body shape, actions or even dance movements, regardless of harsh weather conditions.

Hohem has made several key design decisions to support the device’s versatility. The auto-tracking module is attached magnetically and can be fitted to shoot with front or rear camera lenses. Furthermore, the gimbal’s axes has been improved with the option of 360° panning and tilt and roll axis extending to 335°.

The iSteady M6 gimbal can support weights of up to 400g, and can support smartphones as well as other professional camera accessories. A battery lifetime of up to 18 hours means the device can keep photographers occupied for extended periods in remote areas. A unique feature is that the gimbal can even become a battery supply itself, converting into a power bank if a user’s smartphone is low on charge and needs emergency power. 

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