Denon expands home entertainment line with wireless subwoofer

A new wireless subwoofer is set to create a new dynamic for Denon’s proprietary home entertainment operating system.

The Denon Home Subwoofer is purpose-built to work with other devices in the expanding Denon home entertainment range. It features an eight-inch driver, along with a minimalistic design and a set of attractive features for audiophiles.

As the Subwoofer supports Denon’s home entertainment operating system (HEOS), it allows users to stream audio through the home on all connected speakers. Users can pair the subwoofer with Denon Home wireless speakers, or the Home Sound Br 550, creating a surround sound setup. Settings such as output level and filter can be adjusted via the HEOS app.

In a statement, Denon said the subwoofer will “provide the rich bass response that today’s high-resolution recordings deserve”. The speaker has 120W of power, with more technical details yet to be revealed.

The Japanese electronics company has recently been making a mark on the audio and home entertainment industries. In October 2021, the company unveiled three new home theatre receivers, and one month later there was a launch of Denon’s first wireless earbuds. In January 2022, the company released its first ever Dolby Atmos capable soundbar.

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