LG releases new “Life’s Good Film” with Immy Lucas

LG Electronics has announced the release of a new video made in collaboration with Immy Lucas, an environmental influencer and creator of the “Sustainably Vegan” YouTube channel and Instagram

A spin-off of the Life’s Good Film Project, ‘Life’s Good: Environment‘ showcases a more sustainable way of living and highlights how small changes can make a big difference for the environment in its four-minute length video.

LG unveiled its Life’s Good Film in August this year, sharing the unique perspectives of budding auteurs while also putting the spotlight on the beauty and variety of the natural environment. An extension of the Life’s Good Film Project, it weaves together some of the footage submitted for the Life’s Good Film with compelling new content that encourages everyone to “play their part in protecting our planet”.

The short film consists of four chapters: Life’s Connected, Life’s Delicious, Life’s Regenerative, and Life’s Good When We Learn and Teach Others. It urges people to come together as a global community and take small steps to adopt a lower impact lifestyle for a better, more sustainable future. Brief but impactful, the four-minute video emphasizes the importance of protecting the world’s ecosystems, and introduces simple ways that individuals can bring their daily lives more in harmony with nature, such as growing their own vegetables and reducing household waste.

“If we want future generations to inherit a healthy planet, one that’s capable of sustaining and nurturing them, it is essential that all of us make some changes in our lives today,” said Immy Lucas. “Through small adjustments in how we live, from recycling and repurposing more of what we own to choosing only eco-friendly products, and pushing for greener policies we can help ensure that life’s good for our children, and for their children too.”

immy lucas
Life’s Good: Environment

“LG shares Immy’s belief that we call all be a part of the solution and that adopting more sustainable practices is the key to the future we want for the planet and those yet to come,” remarked Lee Jung-suk, head of LG’s Global Marketing Center. “Through various channels and mediums, the Life’s Good campaign continues to deliver our positive and uplifting message to audiences around the globe, and we look forward to adding more engaging chapters in the future.”

The trailer of the Life’s Good: Environment can be seen on LG’s digital billboards in New York’s Times Square (pictured top of page) and London’s Piccadilly Circus. The short is also now available to view on the LG Global YouTube channel and Instagram. Additional information on LG’s 2021 Life’s Good campaign can be found on above channels as well.

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