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Kuvings unveils “world’s first” Commercial Blender with automatic opening and closing function ahead of IFA 2022

Kuvings is proud to present the "world's first" commercial blender, with pioneering features including an automatic opening/closing function.

Kuvings “goes the extra mile” when it comes to R&D in 2022 for high-end juice extraction

Kuvings has grown into a leader in kitchen health appliances by building a solid foundation in the global home appliance market with its independent technology and differentiated product competitiveness. In the process, there were many trials and errors of developing product, but the company believes this has laid the foundation for further progress while creating…

Kuvings impresses with new REVO 830 juicer

Healthy living specialists Kuvings are back with a new product to innovate the juicing experience. Kuvings regularly showcases its innovative home appliances at global exhibitions, and will thus of course be back in Berlin for IFA 2022. The EVO 820 juicer, which can juice the whole fruit without cutting it, has been recognised as the…