Leica reveals new flagship camera with 3x resolution technology

Leica has announced a new M11 rangefinder camera, featuring a triple resolution 60MP BSI CMOS sensor. It’s the latest in the M series that dates back to 1954.

Leica M models have kept a consistent design since 1954. Standout features are the small design and the rangefinder system, which allows photographers to compose and focus the camera at the same time. The Leica M11 is similarly consistent with older models.

However, there are some notable design changes. The function button is now located at the top of the camera, while the top plate has been totally redesigned. The removable bottom plate has been taken out, with the model now featuring a fixed baseplate. 

The company claims there are at least 40 improvements in the M11 over the M10, which was introduced in January 2017. The biggest change is a new 60.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, which allows photographers to shoot in three different resolutions: 18MP, notably for low noise scenes, 36MP for range and long distance and 60MP for capturing fine details. 

The Leica M11 is the first in a new line of M cameras, with more models expected to release in the future.

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