New premium soundbar from LG Electronics USA promises “next level audio”

LG Electronics USA has announced that it will be introducing a new lineup of audio products, including a premium soundbar, and others which will be announced in the new year.

According to LG Electronics, all the new releases will offer premium performance, stylish designs and exciting, new sound experiences, while ensuring accurate, immersive sound for home cinema, music and gaming.

Currently, LG is only releasing details of one of the products in its 2022 audio line-up – the flagship premium LG Soundbar (model S95QR), which boasts an output of 810W and 9.1.5 channels of “pure surround sound immersion” as a holistic high-end audio solution.

The LG S95QR features five up-firing channels including what LG claims is the “world’s first centre up-firing speaker” – three on the soundbar and two in the separate rear speakers – for great clarity and enlarge the soundstage for the ultimate realism.

Positioned as the “perfect choice for movie lovers looking to elevate their home cinema experience”, the LG Soundbar’s centre up-firing speaker promises to deliver clear dialogue and makes Dolby Atmos and DTS:X content extremely immersive, LG says. And with IMAX Enhanced, users can enjoy stunning three-dimensional audio when watching compatible content, LG Electronics claims.

The LG S95QR features several key enhancements on previous models, most notably a boost in performance of the new speaker drivers, speaker chambers and subwoofer. The larger woofers, meanwhile, promise premium audio quality with deep, resonant bass emulating the immersive sound system of a cinema.

For 2022, LG Electronics says it has upgraded the wireless rear speakers of its premium soundbar setup from four channels to six, with four front/side drivers to accompany the two up-firing drivers. The rear speakers of LG Soundbar are designed to distribute sound evenly across a wide 135-degree space, giving customers more speaker placement and angle flexibility, especially beneficial for smaller rooms.

Other features of the soundbar include a sensitive receiver that allows for more distance between the soundbar and accompanying subwoofer and rear speakers without sacrificing sound quality.

Plus, with a stable wireless connection, the LG S95QR eliminates drops or lags in audio output for distraction-free viewing and listening, LG says. The LG S95QR also comes with Meridian Audio’s Horizon technology in Music Mode, and with this the soundbar can up-mix two channel audio to 7.1-channels for a realistic acoustic surround sound, LG claims.

Finally, LG Electronics says that its new soundbar will offer a “superb solution” for gamers and music lovers, with its variable refresh rate (VRR) and auto low latency mode (ALLM). All this makes the product “a must-have for console gamers who demand that the onscreen action and the audio to be in perfect sync”.

With support for high-quality music streaming services, LG’s soundbar makes listening to one’s personal playlists and favourite artists all the more pleasurable too, the company says.

The LG S95QR is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and other AI assistants. Via smart devices, users can control streaming music, adjust volume and change sound modes by using their voice. And now with the LG WOWCAST Wi-Fi audio dongle (sold separately), listeners can also enjoy lossless multi-channel audio without the hassle of running an unsightly cable to the TV.

To complete the functionality, the LG Soundbar takes advantage of the TV’s advanced AI Sound Pro feature to make all content sound clear and lifelike. Cross-compatibility allows LG TV owners to use one remote to control both the TV and the soundbar.

And, with enhanced AI Room Calibration, the soundbar can tailor its sound output to any given space, analyzing the dimensions of the room to deliver accurate low-frequency audio that is calibrated for maximum accuracy.

Key Selling Points

  • “World’s first centre up-firing speaker” – three on the soundbar and two in the separate rear speakers
  • IMAX Enhanced for three-dimensional audio when watching compatible content
  • Meridian Audio Horizon technology in Music Mode for up-mixing two channel audio to 7.1-channels

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