LG Launches Flagship Smartphone at IFA

Since its launch in the US and Asia, the LG V series has developed quite a strong fan base and the LG V30 – which is being launched at IFA – certainly won’t disappoint the fans. Juno Cho, President of LG Electronics’ Mobile C o m m u n i c a t i o n s Company tells us about the new launch…

I think it’s a groundbreaking smartphone that takes the mobile multimedia experience to a whole new level. The V30 will provide users with professional-level video and audio experience, but, easier than ever before.

What makes it different? What would you say are its three “USPs”? 

The V30 makes creating and consuming mobile visual content easier and more intuitive offering users a holistic and seamless experience with professional-level quality. I would list these three features as its strongest USPs:

The F1.6 Crystal Clear Lens in the V30 features the largest aperture and clearest lens among existing smartphone cameras and its Cine Video mode allows users to create cinematic video content with the clarity and production quality of a professional-level movie;

This is the first smartphone from LG to offer both OLED and 18:9 FullVision technologies together in the same display for unprecedented quality in both videos and images; and

The included Hi-Fi Quad DAC is the most advanced digital audio technology currently available in a mobile device designed to deliver superior sound with the help of options such as Sound Preset and Digital Filter that users can set based on their preference and type of music.


Why did you decide to launch this device at IFA rather than at another event? 

It was important for us to bring the V30 to IFA because of the strong response we saw last year with the LG V20 which wasn’t announced until after IFA. Having developed a significant following in North America and Asia where consumers have historically preferred larger displays, the V30 was designed with European users in mind. The V30 has a slimmer and more ergonomic design compared to the V10 and V20 while still offering a larger, more immersive display.

What is LG’s roadmap when it comes to smartphones? What are your ambitions in the market over the next couple of years, and how do you aim to achieve your targets? 

The V30 gives a very clear hint at where we want to take the LG brand in the smartphone space. It’s no longer enough just to offer the newest components and the highest specs. The only way to succeed in today’s smartphone industry is to innovate and design better than the competition. It shouldn’t be innovation for the sake of innovation but innovation that people want and desire.

Chinese manufacturers are becoming ver y aggressive in the market. What are your thoughts on this? 

One can never underestimate Chinese competitors, especially in fast moving, price sensitive industries such as consumer electronics. Their huge domestic market is able to fuel their overseas expansion and that’s something no non-Chinese company can do anything about as long as Chinese consumers prefer local brands. However, there still remains a gap between Chinese phones and the reputation, quality and customer service offered by leading non-Chinese smartphone brands and we plan to expand upon that advantage in markets where we can do better.

How important is IFA for you in terms of having a global stage for your products? 

IFA is one of the few opportunities we have to really reach a global audience. And because this is the first time we’re announcing a new flagship phone at IFA, it’s extremely important that we do this well. IFA is the largest industry show for us in the second half of the year and the opportunity to bring the V30 to Berlin in front of an international audience is a key in the successful launch of this important product. Having IFA and Messe Berlin in our corner is certainly reassuring.