Liebherr Presents WPbli5231-20, the perfect solution for wine enthusiasts

Liebherr-Hausgeräte, a renowned manufacturer of refrigeration and freezing solutions, is proud to unveil its latest addition to the GrandCru line: WPbli5231-20, a new wine storage cabinet

These state-of-the-art appliances offer wine enthusiasts the opportunity to store and enjoy their favourite wines at home while ensuring optimal preservation conditions.

With a focus on stability, humidity control, UV protection, odour prevention, and shock resistance, Liebherr’s GrandCru wine cellars guarantee that every bottle retains its unique and authentic taste, just as it would in a traditional wine cellar.

Creating the Perfect Environment for Wine

Liebherr’s new wine storage cabinets are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of wine storage, providing an environment that rivals that of a professional wine cellar. Regardless of the wine type, flawless storage is essential for its maturation and the evolution of its taste.

The cabinets are available in two versions: GrandCru and GrandCru Selection, both featuring an elegant black exterior that serves as a design highlight.

Exceptional Design and Functionality

Internally, the wine storage cabinets boast a combination of height-adjustable wooden shelves and graphite-grey metal or stainless steel back panels, creating a visually appealing and high-quality environment while ensuring constant ventilation.

The GrandCru Selection models not only offer optimal storage conditions but also showcase precious bottles in an appropriate and visually pleasing manner.

Total Protection for Flawless Taste

All GrandCru wine cabinets provide the ideal environment for storing noble wines, whether for short or long periods. The cabinets utilise low-vibration compressors and a cooling system that effectively dampens vibrations, ensuring quiet and stable storage conditions.

For models with glass doors, Liebherr employs special triple-coated anti-UV glass to shield the wines from harmful light rays. To maintain a consistent internal temperature, TempProtect Plus utilizes two sensors to continuously measure and control the temperature. The electronic control system guarantees precise temperature maintenance between +5°C and +20°C, which can be easily configured using the user-friendly touchscreen interface.

Liebherr Wine storage cabinet

In addition to vibration, light, and temperature control, air humidity is a critical factor in wine storage. It ensures that the cork remains intact, preserving the wine’s seal and quality over time. Liebherr’s HumiditySelect feature allows users to set air humidity to two different levels, enabling the cabinets to dehumidify or humidify as needed.

The GrandCru Selection models are equipped with HumidityControl, providing even more precise humidity settings within a range of 50% to 80% RH, with continuous humidity display. The device will notify users if the humidity falls below 50% RH. Additionally, activated carbon filters in the wine storage cabinets require replacement every six months to ensure that undesirable odors do not affect the wine.

A Design That Stands Out Inside and Out

Liebherr wine storage cabinets offer ample capacity to accommodate a growing wine collection. The interior is meticulously designed, allowing bottles to be stored neck by neck on the height-adjustable wooden shelves.

The GrandCru Selection models take wine storage one step closer to a professional wine cellar, with the full-door model featuring a recess of 75 cm and a height of 200 cm, capable of storing up to 324 bottles. The Selection models come equipped with a mechanical lock and SmartDeviceBox for convenient control via the Liebherr app, which can also be retrofitted to GrandCru models.

For an enhanced viewing experience, GrandCru units are equipped with an energy-saving LED lamp in the ceiling, providing efficient illumination and allowing for easy navigation through the collection. The GrandCru Selection models with glass doors feature a vertically positioned LED LightColumn, which can be adjusted to create an attractive display of the stored wines. Moreover, Liebherr wine cellars operate quietly, seamlessly blending into any interior setting.

Liebherr Quality for Demanding Wines

With the introduction of the new GrandCru wine storage cabinets, Liebherr demonstrates its commitment to delivering premium quality solutions for discerning wine connoisseurs. Ideal storage conditions are crucial for preserving the authentic taste and ensuring the longevity of fine wines.

Moreover, Liebherr prioritises responsible resource usage in its wine appliances. The glass door models of the GrandCru line achieve energy efficiency class F, while the solid door models achieve an even more efficient E class. The cabinets are engineered to last, providing a safe and reliable storage solution for years to come.

In conclusion, Liebherr’s new wine storage cabinets combine innovative technology, elegant design, and exceptional functionality to meet the needs of wine enthusiasts who desire the perfect wine storage solution at home. With Liebherr, wine lovers can ensure their favourite bottles mature gracefully and retain their authentic taste, allowing for an exceptional wine experience right in the comfort of their own homes.

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