LUFT Duo for “good air, anytime and anywhere”

The LUFT Duo by Taiwanese company LUFTQI is the world’s smallest molecular air purifier and is just one of the products promoted by TAITRA as part of the “Taiwan Excellence” programme.

Offering “Wellness on the Go,” the new LUFT Duo’s compact size fits into neatly into a bag and is simply and elegantly designed to blend into any space. It is suitable for home, office, bedroom, bathroom or hotel room, and allows anyone to improve the air quality in place, the Taiwanese company says.

LUFTQI firstly introduced innovative photocatalyst purification technology in 2018 in the LUFTQI purifier and more recently released the LUFT Duo which has met with broad industry acclaim.

The LUFT Duo uses nanotechnology to save energy, reduce purifier noise and eliminate toxic gases and odours, as well as UVA LED and Titanium Oxide/Zinc Oxide to zap dust, pollen, mould, and pathogens down to the molecule, says LUFTQI. Plus, although it’s 1/10th the size of other purifiers in the same category, it is less than half the price.

With the LUFT Duo, LUFTQI set out to create the world’s smallest and consumable-free air purifier that combines two technologies: “Electro-static dust collection” and “Photo-catalysis”, to clean the air we breathe.

The air purifier features an anti-bacterial metal mesh. This is a low surface energy material which is easy to clean and replaces traditional consumable filters. It features electro-static dust collection, which produces 20 million ions at all times. This allows for PM2.5/PM10 to be actively trapped in the metal mesh. This novel approach works effectively for droplet infection in epidemic routine, LUFTQI says.

Finally, the filter includes photocatalyst the company’s proprietary photocatalysis nanotechnology, that breaks down and destroys allergic factors like VOCs, bacteria and pollen, LUFTQI claims.

Key Selling Points:

  • SSP Nanotech: With UVA LED, SSP is more effective than HEPA when neutralizing pollutants.
  • No consumables: No consumable replacement required.
  • Energy Efficient: Powered by USB type-C costs less than $2 per year to operate.

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