Miele presents its most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner to date

The German manufacturer has announced the new Triflex HX2, boasting 60% more power than the previous model.

Indeed, vacuuming without a cable can be practical and effective – if the suction power, battery power and ease of use are right. The feedback was correspondingly positive when Miele launched its first cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, the Triflex HX1, in 2019. 

The second generation of the compact all-rounder, manufactured in Miele’s Bielefeld plant, is now hitting the market. The Triflex HX2 combines the unique flexibility of its predecessor with significantly increased suction power and further improved ease of use. After a technical and visual facelift, the Triflex HX1 remains in the range as the brand’s entry-level device. The market launch of both model series begins immediately in Germany. Europe and the other markets will follow in the coming months.

Whether as a “normal” vacuum cleaner or hand-held vacuum cleaner for hard-to-reach places: Like its predecessor, the Triflex HX2 is a veritable all-rounder. Thanks to the patented 3-in-1 design, the PowerUnit, consisting of motor, battery and dust box, can be converted in just a few seconds. 

If the PowerUnit is attached at the top, users can easily get under furniture or up to the ceiling. If it is in the lower area, the centre of gravity shifts accordingly, and large areas can be cleaned effortlessly. In this setting, the Triflex can also stand on its own, which is also practical for short breaks in vacuuming, for example when the phone rings or food has to be taken off the stove. 


Solo operation of the PowerUnit is ideal for removing crumbs from the breakfast table or in the car. 

The Triflex HX2 owes its significantly improved cleaning performance primarily to the new Digital Efficiency Motor with 60% more power, developed and produced at the Miele plant in Euskirchen. 

The first-class cleaning performance of the Triflex HX2 results from the interaction of the new motor, the proven and particularly effective monocyclone design (vortex technology) and the powerful Multi Floor XXL electric brush. Its rotating brush roller is linked to intelligent floor covering detection, which reduces the speed on hard floors, thereby saving energy and extending the battery life. 

This intelligence is now being expanded to include the engine. Depending on the floor covering, the engine power is increased or reduced.

Energy is supplied by a lithium-ion battery from the German premium manufacturer Varta, which is equipped with seven high-performance cells. The Triflex thus achieves a running time of up to 60 minutes, which, depending on the model, can be increased to up to 120 minutes with the second battery supplied as standard.

Highly effective HEPA filtration and hygienic cleaning

The HEPA lifetime filter retains 99.999% of all particles and also reliably filters allergens. The new ComfortClean function makes it easy to clean the filter from time to time. With just a few turns of the filter cover, the dirt particles are shaken into the container. This keeps the high suction power of the device constant. For more thorough, manual cleaning of the fine dust filter, which is therefore only necessary every three months, the fine dust filter can be removed from the device in just a few simple steps. When emptying the dust container, a push of a button ensures that the dirt simply falls out without skin contact (Twist2open).

The Triflex HX2 is available in four colours, each combined with subtle colour elements in rose gold and the dust container coloured crystal grey. For its innovative 3-in-1 design, it received the renowned Red Dot Product Design Award even before it was launched.

The Triflex HX1 is now also equipped with the ComfortClean function and is available in new colours – remaining in the range in an upgraded form with a reduced price as the new entry-level series. 

*Cleaning performance compared to a Miele cylinder vacuum cleaner Complete C3 (SGEF3) with STB 305-3 turbo brush (dust pick-up from carpet and hard floor with cracks, fibre pick-up from carpet). According to IEC628852

Key selling points:

  • Power – 60% more powerful than previous model
  • HEPA lifetime filter
  • Flexible – multiple usage scenarios


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