22 Nov 2021

Mio launches innovative new cycling assistance GPS and new 4K dash cam


Mio launches innovative new cycling assistance GPS and new 4K dash cam

Mio has announced the launch of two new products – the Cyclo Discover Pal GPS featuring apps to help the cyclists to enjoy the ride together, and the MiVue 886 – a 4K dashboard camera with Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth technology.

The Cyclo Discover Pal premium tour GPS device features the exclusive MioShare cloud-based app and its group ride service – WeJoin, which allows users to share tracks and enjoy riding with family and friends, whether they all have a Mio device or not. Cyclo Discover Pal users can simply invite others to join the activity and start the ride by sharing the route with them, Mio says.

Other features include NeverMiss empowering cyclists to be their tour guides by reminding planned tour spots along the route. Komoot, RouteYou, and Strava Route integration allow cyclists to sync tours from their favorite services.

Cyclo Discover Pal aims specifically at recreational cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts who want easy route planning for their leisure tours and bike trips. With the integration of the navigation device and the MioShare cloud service platform, people can plan tours together with friends and family and collect beautiful memories together. Cyclo Discover Pal is now available across Europe.

Key Selling Points:

  • WeJoin to allows users to share tracks and location to enjoy the ride with families and friends
  • NeverMiss feature makes your self-guidance possible
  • MioShare app makes trip management in your hand. Find a tour and send it to Cyclo Discover Pal wirelessly

MiVue 886 4K dash cam

The MiVue 886 features a 1/1.8″ large sensor to generate brighter and clearer images with higher colour saturation, especially in low light conditions. The 4K video recording solution presents an extremely clear video footage while driving. To fulfil users’ individual interests, MiVue 886 offers multiple resolution options, with users being able to choose the resolution to record their journey.

MiVue 886 4K dash cam

In addition, for driving at night, the MiVue 886 is equipped with a 160o wide camera angle, and it supports 2K 1440p@30fps HDR to handle a wide range of lighting conditions, particularly in scenes with both bright and dark objects on the road.

Key Selling Points:

  • 4K video recording resolution
  • 1/1.8 large sensor
  • 160o wide camera angle
  • Supports 2K 1440p@30fps HDR to handle a wide range of lighting conditions
  • High speed Wi-Fi 5 & Bluetooth connectivity
  • GPS & average speedcam alert

Mio is part of TAITRA’s Taiwan Excellence Programme which showcases the best of Taiwanese innovation and exhibits at trade shows around the world, including IFA.

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