Sennheiser introduces the Momentum True Wireless 3 – “redefining the limits of possibility”

The Momentum series from Sennheiser introduces a new member to the family. According to the manufacturer, the Momentum True Wireless 3 sets new standards when it comes to sound quality, adaptive noise cancellation (ANC), and wearing comfort.

Encased in a design that was defined “using high-quality materials and precise workmanship”, the earbuds offer a range of technologies and features which, says Sennheiser, take the listening experience to a new level. 

“Our Momentum series continuously succeeds in redefining the boundaries of possibility,” said Frank Foppe, Sennheiser True Wireless Product Manager. “The Momentum True Wireless 3 builds on a powerful heritage.  With the Sennheiser Signature Sound,  TrueResponse technology, next-level adaptive noise cancellation and an even better fit, these earbuds are the natural successor of the Momentum series.”  

The Momentum True Wireless 3 delivers outstanding sound quality, centred around Sennheiser’s True Response transducer. Based on dynamic 7mm drivers manufactured in Germany, it produces an immersive stereo sound with deep bass, natural mids and detailed highs.

momentum true wireless 3

The new Sound Personalisation feature provides an enhanced sound experience via a guided listening test to setup the perfect sound for each user’s individual hearing. In addition, the Smart Control App offers a choice of presets and an equaliser feature to tailor the sound to the user’s taste.  

​Since the Momentum True Wireless 3 was created for everyday life, especially on the go, Sennheiser has specifically improved the earbuds with Adaptive Noise Cancellation which automatically adjusts to one’s environment. The system continuously observes ambient noise to suppress it in real time. Users who want to be aware of their surroundings to hear things such as train announcements, for example, can deactivate the noise cancellation at the touch of a button, or switch to transparency mode. 

​For the best possible synchronisation between audio and visual content, the Momentum True Wireless 3 also supports a wide range of audio codecs such as AAC, SBC and aptX Adaptive, which reduce latency to a minimum. In addition, each earbud now features three microphones that promote “crystal-clear” call quality, enabling smooth and easy-to-follow video calls. The intuitive touch control of the Momentum True Wireless 3, which users can tailor to their personal preferences, makes it easier to navigate the audio and access voice assistants, explains Sennheiser. 

Winner of a 2022 Red Dot Design Award, the new ergonomic design enables a long-lasting comfortable fit. The Momentum True Wireless 3 also comes with several silicone pads in different sizes that are designed to fit all ear shapes and sizes. Thanks to its IPX4-certified splash-resistant casing, the Momentum True Wireless 3 is made for almost any adventure.

​A battery life of seven hours – which can be extended to 28 hours using the case – means that users no longer have to worry about finding a power source nearby. And because the high-quality case supports wireless charging, the process itself is easy as it can be.  

Key selling points:

  • Sennheiser Signature Sound
  • TrueResponse technology
  • “Next-level” adaptive noise cancellation



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