New Miele tumble dryers more sustainable in operation and climate-friendly than ever before

With climate change an ever growing issue, the focus of Miele’s new dryer range to be presented in autumn will be on further improving environmental credentials.

This key factor combines with clever features offering greater user convenience and gentler fabric care. The new models will be available at at significantly lower entry-level price naturally offering 100% Miele quality and tested to last 20 years.

When drying laundry, water is made to evaporate – which requires a lot of energy, as is well known. For this reason, the energy efficiency rating is of such central importance when purchasing tumble dryers. So in this respect, too, Miele, as a family-owned company which subscribes to the principles of sustainability, is among the frontrunners. The particularly climate-friendly flagship model from the Gütersloh premium brand, for example, exceeds the threshold for the current top A+++ energy efficiency rating by 10%.

In order to give as many customers as possible access to highly energy efficient drying, Miele is about to launch its GreenPerformance campaign model – halving the entry-level price for the best energy efficiency A+++ minus 10 percent.

The GreenPerformance model is not only characterised by maximum energy efficiency at an attractive price, but also stands for resource-saving use of materials. A significant contribution to this is made by the floor module, which was developed from scratch and whose plastic is enriched with nitrogen in an innovative manufacturing process. This saves 30% of material – while at the same time improving stability. In addition, the climate-friendly refrigerant R290 is used. Both the new base module and R290 are also used in almost all Miele dryer models.

No more sorting out of textiles containing synthetics with ‘DryCare 40’

Added convenience is promised by the DryCare 40 option: all items of clothing washable at 40°C can be tumble-dried without the least worry – even if textiles are not approved for machine drying according to the wash-care label. This is facilitated by reducing the air temperature during the drying process to such a degree that delicate fabrics are dried so gently that damage can reliably be ruled out. DryCare 40 can be selected in a whole series of programmes such as Cottons, Minimum Iron and Shirts. This way, fabrics are placed under the least possible strain. Garments remain soft, retain their shape better and, all in all, last longer.

Miele tumble dryers
With the new DryCare 40 programme option, it is no longer necessary to sort out delicate textiles. Garments that can be washed at 40 degrees Celsius can now be put in the dryer without hesitation – even if the textile is not suitable for the dryer according to the care label. (Photo: Miele)

Further comfort is offered by the new SilenceDrum: Buttons and zips are known to cause annoying rattling and scratching noises, particularly where a dryer is installed close to a kitchen or living room due to the lack of a cellar or utility room. Thanks to a special design in which the drum is lined on the outside with insulating felt strips, such noises are reduced noticeably by the SilenceDrum.

For its part, the new PowerFresh feature ensures a burst of freshness without garments even having seen the inside of a washing machine – a practical and useful option for instance for unworn items which have been sitting in a cupboard for some time. This approach involves adding a moisturising phase before drying commences. Steam makes for better heat transfer to the load, thereby releasing and removing odour molecules more efficiently. The PowerFresh extra unfolds its full potential in combination with the DryFresh flacon, which additionally neutralises odours and leaves behind an unobtrusive, fresh fragrance.

In both washing and drying, freshness and hygiene are two sides of the same coin. Consumers wishing to be on the safe side when it comes to hygiene will find themselves in the best of hands with Miele. The new HygieneDry setting based on the ‘Extra drying’ function reliably eliminates 99.99% of all bacteria* thanks to longer temperature holding times. This is independently endorsed by the Rhein-Waal technical university which has issued HygieneDry with a certificate confirming top-class purity and dependability.

Key Selling Points:

  • Environmentally friendly – ultra-low power consumption
  • Price – greatly reduced compared to previous models
  • Fabric care – can even dry clothes that could not otherwise be tumble-dried thanks to DryCare40

PHOTO – TOP OF PAGE – Miele’s new tumble dryers are more sustainable and climate-friendly than ever before. With the GreenPerformance promotional model, the family-owned company now offers the best energy efficiency class (A+++ minus 10%) at a significantly lower entry-level price. Clever new features ensure even more convenience and gentle laundry care. (Photo: Miele)

* Half-load tested using Staphylococcus aureus and E coli in the Cottons programme.

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