New Samsung oven range offers steam, air fry and air sous vide cooking

Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of its new 4, 5, 6 and 7 series cooking appliances, including multiple ovens which come with various steam features that promote healthy eating. 

Steaming food
Full Steam surrounds food such as vegetables or fresh fish with a vapour of hot steam, so they are cooked optimally and retain their natural flavour and vitamins; Add Steam fills the oven with steam, leaving food tender inside and crispy outside; Natural Steam gives succulent and crispy baking results without the need of specialist drawers or other equipment.

Air Frying food
The Air Fry mode cooks food using a little oil and without a deep fryer, eliminating excess fat whilst keeping things succulent inside and crispy outside. One can simply place food on the tray with just a touch of oil and select the Air Fry mode.

Air Sous Vide
This technique provides even more tender and tasty cooking by accurately sensing the temperature and keeping it even over a long period. This means everything is cooked thoroughly, wherever it is placed in the oven, and tastes deliciously tender and succulent.

Samsung’s new range of ovens and cooking appliances offering nutritional cooking benefits

Both oven series are also equipped with “SmartThings” Cooking which enables a grocery shopping experience and generates a weekly meal plan with personalised recipes with easy-to-follow instructions that suit the user’s dietary requirements, such as vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free. Although they don’t have to have any smart appliances to use the app, any SmartThings-connected refrigerators (such as Family Hub), ranges or ovens will sync up with it for even easier food management.

Dan Harvie, Vice President, Head of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics, said: “A healthy diet is essential for good health and nutrition, which is why Samsung continues to innovate and provide features to encourage people to cook more healthily.

“Samsung has announced a new range of ovens and cooking appliances offering leading nutritional cooking benefits, including air frying and various settings for steam cooking even including Sous Vide all within one appliance. 

“Plus, with SmartThings Cooking, you can get personalised recipes and a weekly meal plan that promote healthy eating, ensuring you always stay on track. Many of the new ovens also perfectly steam vegetables and fish, so food is cooked optimally and retains its natural flavour and vitamins.” 

In addition, Samsung has announced the launch of new hobs and hoods following the highly anticipated relaunch of Samsung’s ‘Kitchen Circle’, a focused programme giving support, education and rewards to dedicated Samsung Kitchen Specialists who believe in the brand’s vision. 

Kitchen Circle offers support through a specialised technical team, as well as access to a full suite of online marketing and training materials and in-store video assets. 

The Samsung NV7000B and NQ7000B oven series comes in a choice of four modern colours: satin beige, clean navy, clean black and black stainless. 


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