Novy launches vented induction hob with automatic extraction speed regulator

Belgian manufacturer Novy has launched the Novy Easy Pro, an 80cm vented induction hob, which features a quiet central matrix extractor that automatically regulates the extraction speed once cooking begins. 

With an extraction or recirculation model to choose from, this hob includes two large Flexzones and also benefits from a range of functions that are designed to make surface cooking easier. 

This surface or flush mounted hob features four 240 x 210mm cooking zones that can be converted into two zoneless Flexzones on either side of the central extractor vent. 

A bridging function will intuitively activate if a larger pan is placed across the zones, ensuring the temperature is the same across the entire cooking area.

Featuring automatic pot detection, pans can be moved around the hob and the temperature will also remain constant once resituated. With red slider controls for each zone, there are nine power levels, with two further boost functions, Power and Super Power, which bring the zones or Flexzones to maximum power level at a single touch of the controls. 

The Novy Easy PRO features automatic pot detection

An Automatic Cooking function immediately reduces boiling water to a simmer when it has reached boiling point, and once food is cooked, it can be kept on a Keep Warm function at 70°C. 

Together with intuitive cooking functions, the central matrix extractor also has intuitive features. Once cooking has started, the Novy Sense sensor will detect cooking odours and vapours and will automatically regulate the extraction speed in order to quickly and quietly remove them to leave only clean air in the kitchen. 

The Novy Easy is also simple to maintain: the frame of the metal grease filter is also a collection tray should something boil over and run into the extractor. Both the grease filter frame and the matrix grid are removable and dishwasher safe.

Key selling points:

  • Automatically regulates the extraction speed once cooking begins
  • Novy Sense sensor detects cooking odours
  • Automatic cooking function immediately reduces boiling water to a simmer
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