One-Netbook’s latest handheld PC, OneXPlayer 2, sets bar high for gaming-only devices

One-Netbook improves on its handheld PCs with OneXPlayer 2, offering larger display and improved features to make it versatile enough for streaming, working and gaming.

Chinese computer firm One-Netbook has announced the launch of its next-gen handheld PC, OneXPlayer 2. The new product offers a host of upgrades with respect to previous versions. Namely, its larger, 8.4-inch IPS screen with 2.5K resolution allows for more versatility. The OneXPlayer 2, the company says, can be used not only as a gaming device, but also as a notebook or tablet.

Lean but mean

The OneXPlayer 2 weighs just 712g without its handles and 862g with them attached, yet the device packs a lot of power inside. An AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor that hides a configuration of 8 cores and 16 processing threads under AMD Zen3+ architecture offers One-Netbook’s new PC an ideal balance between performance and energy economy.

With respect to endurance, not only does the handheld computer have considerable battery capacity, it also comes equipped with a 100W gallium nitride charger with fast charging technology that can jump from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes.

Beyond the new features, OneXPlayer 2 introduces the new Play Center integrated software that supports frame locking and allows users to manage power consumption, GPU frequency, and the device’s fan speed.

One-Netbook OneXPlayer 2
OneXPlayer 2 (Photo: One-Netbook)

Advantages for gamers

While the new OneXPlayer 2 may have something for everyone, it does offer special features for gamers such as ergonomic grips with ALPS gaming-grade joysticks. In addition, each of its handles has a dual vibration motor that can be customized for different games.

Sound quality is another facet of the new device that will satisfy players. The dual speakers, provided by audio expert Harman, ensure clear, well-balanced sound.

Pre-purchase of the OneXPlayer 2 is available exclusively through the company’s current Indiegogo campaign.

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