19 Aug 2022

Puppyoo Proudly Presents Their Premium Cordless Vacuum T12 Plus Rinse at the 2022 IFA

Puppyoo Proudly Presents Their Premium Cordless Vacuum T12 Plus Rinse at the 2022 IFA

The global vacuum designing brand Puppyoo will reveal its entire arsenal of innovative cleaning technology at IFA2022 in Berlin, the biggest trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances in the world.

Since 1999, Puppyoo has been dedicated to the advancement of vacuuming technology. The brand has accumulated 1052 patents worldwide and has mastered key technologies including motor, air duct, and smart sensors. The company says it is striving to provide the best vacuum cleaners to families across the world. 


The company will showcase some of its most powerful and advanced vacuum technology at IFA2022, including the RedDot award-winning series T12 and T11, corded vacuum S9 pro, mattress vacuum MC05, robotic vacuum X1, and Wet & Dry Vacuum E20. 

But the star of the show according to the company is the T12 Plus Rinse, its latest cordless vacuum. It boasts a suction power of 185AW and is capable of cleaning the toughest stains and heavy debris. The powerful motorized double roller brush is rugged and durable for everyday use. Its bristle and soft nylon rollers can clean different floor types including tiles, carpets, and hardwood floors. 

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The crowning feature of the T12 Plus Rinse is its “Mopping Brush”, which gives the powerful vacuum a dual “vacuuming+mopping” function. This enables users to vacuum and mop their floors at the same time. In addition, the “mopping only” mode will help users mop or wax their floors with incredible ease using the mopping brush.  

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The T12 Plus Rinse’s powerful technology is ergonomic and compact – and is easily tucked away with its functional storage system. Users can switch between the charging dock for compact storage, or the wall mount for convenience. The charging dock can also neatly store all accessories, such as the illuminated crevice nozzle or soft feather brush. 

Puppyoo will be launching their next-gen cordless vacuum cleaner by the end of this year. However, visitors of IFA 2022 can have a preview of the vacuum at Hall 7.1a Stand 111, and have a hands-on experience. Or for more information visit their website: www.puppyoo.com 

Highlights of T12 Plus Rinse

  • Combined vacuuming and mopping 
  • 70mins run time 
  • Whole-house cleaning with plenty of accessories 
  • In-depth cleaning on different floors and surfaces
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