Samsung Announces Bespoke Jet AI, The World’s First UL-Verified AI-Powered Cordless Stick Vacuum

Samsung has unveiled its latest innovation: the Bespoke Jet AI, the world’s first UL-Verified AI-powered cordless stick vacuum

Revolutionising Home Cleaning with AI Technology: Samsung unveils the Bespoke Jet AI, the world’s first UL-Verified AI-powered cordless stick vacuum, revolutionising the way we clean our homes.

Enhanced Cleaning Capabilities with AI-Powered Sensors

Equipped with intelligent sensors, the Bespoke Jet AI adapts to different surfaces, providing efficient and thorough cleaning. The vacuum intelligently navigates around obstacles, adding convenience and efficiency to the cleaning process.

Customisation at Your Fingertips: Multiple Cleaning Modes

With various cleaning modes, users can easily switch to achieve the desired level of cleanliness. Unleashing Freedom: Cordless Design for Unrestricted Movement. The cordless design allows for unrestricted movement and eliminates the hassle of tangled cords.

Credit : Samsung

Safety First: UL-Verified Certification for Peace of Mind

The Bespoke Jet AI is UL-Verified, ensuring adherence to strict safety standards. Paving the Way for Future Innovations in Home Cleaning Samsung’s Bespoke Jet AI sets a new standard for cordless stick vacuums, integrating AI technology for an unparalleled cleaning experience.

In conclusion, Samsung’s Bespoke Jet AI Sets a New Standard in Cleaning Technology. The Bespoke Jet AI signifies a milestone in home cleaning appliances, with exciting possibilities for AI-powered devices in the future.

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