Samsung foldables will be made with more sustainable materials

Samsung recently announced it was making progress towards achieving its 2025 sustainability goals by integrating more sustainable materials in products and packaging.

Standout initiatives from the company include the development and incorporation of sustainable materials into products, as well as the production of more eco-friendly packaging.

The use of recycled materials has recently been expanded to the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 products. The Galaxy Z series, along with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro release, were designed with repurposed fishing nets that would otherwise be considered ocean waste. The materials were first integrated into the Galaxy S22 series in February 2022, and now there are 11 Galaxy devices which use these sustainable materials, including and Galaxy Tab S8 series.

Samsung has previously announced that it intends to remove all single-use plastics in mobile product packaging by 2025. The company has reduced a large amount of single-use plastics in current packaging for Galaxy smartphones, including the new foldable range. The company will also use 100% recycled paper for the packaging of flagship products, starting with the launch of the Galaxy S22 series. In doing so, the company will apparently save the equivalent of nearly 51,000 trees in 2022 alone, with the release of the Galaxy S22 series and the new Galaxy Z series.

“Samsung is taking consistent and impactful actions that help protect people and the planet. We marry sustainability and innovation in everything we do”, said TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics.

“I am proud of our progress to date. At the same time, it’s been a humbling experience that enables us to continue on our journey towards achieving our sustainability vision with even more conviction and rigour than before”.

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