Skyworth gets “closer to reality” with new line-up of 4K TVs

Skyworth has announced three new TV models and a new gaming monitor at its annual Autumn Product Launch event. Under the theme of “Closer to Reality”, the brand introduced the Skyworth S82, a 4K OLED TV featuring an exceptional display with superior colour solutions, and the Skyworth Q72, a 4K SmartMiniLED TV that pushes the boundaries of technology to deliver advanced LED dimming technologies.

The manufacturer also announced the launch of the Skyworth A20 Pro, a 4K 120Hz flicker-free TV with an ADS panel featuring the flagship SoC, and the G90, a 4K OLED gaming monitor specifically designed to meet the needs of gaming enthusiasts.

Tony Wang, Chairman of Skyworth TV said, “At Skyworth, we are proud of our latest product innovations and our continued commitment to delivering breakthroughs in picture and audio quality. Skyworth’s TV business saw considerable growth in the first half of 2021; we recorded a YoY increase in global sales revenue of 33.1%, with overseas sales revenue recording an impressive YoY rise of 68%. We are thrilled to see our portfolio of products welcomed and recognised by global consumers and we cannot wait for our customers around the world to experience our latest range of advanced home entertainment solutions.”

Tony Wang at Skyworth 2021 Autumn Product Launch

The latest addition to Skyworth’s S series, the S82 (pictured top of page), inherits the same “Supreme” design spirit of the existing line-up, featuring a slim 4K OLED display and enhanced picture quality. Available in 55″ and 65″ models, the S82 features the “Skyworth AI Picture Quality Engine” 4K Version, Dolby Vision and HDR 10. It also adopts a 4K 120Hz OLED V21 panel boasting outstanding picture contrast, a wide viewing angle, and a fast response rate.

Featuring an anti-glare OLED screen, Skyworth ALS Ambient Light Sensor and Dolby Vision IQ, the S82 automatically adjusts the picture quality based on the surrounding lighting conditions. Leveraging the brand’s new proprietary OBM Slim technology, the S82 features an ultra-thin screen of 3.9mm.

The S82’s slim body accommodates a built-in 20W subwoofer that can produce frequencies as low as 50Hz.

Skyworth’s new TVs and monitor will be launched in Mainland China initially, with the overseas roll-out plans to be announced in due course.

Key Selling points of new Skyworth S82:

  • Anti-glare OLED display
  • Excellent audio with 20 watt subwoofer
  • Elegant design

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