Sonic Dutch launches new high tech cold brew coffee machine

South Korean coffee machine maker Sonic Dutch has launched a kickstarter campaign for a new cold brew coffee machine that uses innovative sonic wave technology to “produce great-tasting, low caffeine cold brew coffee in five minutes”.

This latest campaign for the Super Sonic H comes after the 2020 launch of the company’s first cold brew machine, the Super Sonic S1, and aims to improve on its predecessor with a stronger, lighter and more compact model.

The new model even features a Bluetooth speaker so users can pair their favourite tunes while they drink their beverage, as well as a “sleek, futuristic and elegant” finish, designed to look at home on any modern countertop. A fold-out handle is also included for easy transporting.

Sonic Dutch says its unique brewing method is not only faster, but more hygienic than traditional methods, while also producing a cleaner-tasting and less bitter coffee.

The company adds that the Super Sonic H also produces coffee with less caffeine than espresso or traditional cold brew, but that users who want a stronger caffeine hit will be able to customize the levels of the stimulant by increasing the time setting.

For the maximum amount of caffeine, Sonic Dutch says users would need to have the Super Sonic H run for a longer cycle – up to 30 minutes.

Finally, although the Super Sonic H is primarily designed for brewing cold coffee, that’s not its only use, Sonic Dutch says. According to the brand, the sonic technology can also be used for decanting and then enriching the flavours of wine, and it can be used to make cold brew tea or milk tea.

The device comes in either black or white, with the outline of the speaker available in classic chrome, or elegant rose gold. The internal LED light is available in either white or orange.

Key Selling Points

  • Sonic technology makes cold brew coffee in just five minutes
  • Bluetooth speaker included
  • Sleek, futuristic design

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