Sony Electronics launches 27-inch 4K spatial reality display for professionals

ELF-SR2 offers an immersive 3D experience without special glasses or VR headsets, and promotes application compatibility and a versatile software development environment.

Sony Electronics has expanded its Spatial Reality Display line-up by adding the ELF-SR2 model. The 27-inch 4K display offers highly realistic, three-dimensional content without the use of special glasses or virtual reality headsets.

The enhanced facial tracking and recognition system senses viewers’ eyes to provide a natural and comfortable visual experience, while the wide viewing angle enables consistency and accuracy from numerous vantage points.

With the ELF-SR2, Sony has added some powerful features to enhance content production including an upgraded high-speed vision sensor, image quality enhancing technologies, installation flexibility, and support for applications and development.

The Sony Electronics device is optimised for use in industrial design, surgical planning, architecture, engineering, construction, signage, retail, software/application development, game developers and entertainment applications.

The visual fidelity of the ELF-SR2 is amplified by its immersive depth of field, detailed resolution and larger size. The device’s 10-bit processing supports a wide colour gamut that covers Adobe RGB at approximately 100% for accurate colour reproduction. Its super resolution engine provides upscaling from 2K to 4K, and the new model offers colour moire correction to better address fine details, patterns, and lines.

The device promotes application compatibility, as well as efficient and streamlined development through software development kits and supports leading SDKs including Unity, Unreal Engine, Open GL, DirectX11/12, and Open XR – coming later this year.

Sony Electronics‘ ELF-SR2 is also user-friendly, with updated sensors and high-speed hardware processing that provide accommodation for a wider variety of PCs to support different use cases and needs. With a detachable stand, the portable display can be installed in multiple environments and configurations. The display also accommodates the Video Electronics Standards Association mounting standard for further flexibility and compatibility.

The device is designed to meet the needs of various industries such as architecture, engineering, and retail, with partnerships established with companies such as Arcturus, KiksAR, and Pixomondo, among others.

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