Sony Launches Novel Wireless Float Run Headphones for Runners

Sony’s new wireless off-ear Float Run headphones offer runners and fitness enthusiasts a comfortable and stable listening experience without compromising on sound.

The Japanese electronics giant has created a new breed of headphones with runners and fitness fans in mind, Float Run. What makes this new model unique is that it places speakers near the ear canal but without touching it. The new headphones are designed to remain in place without putting pressure on the head, making them especially comfortable for workouts and runs. Apart from comfort, Sony says, Float Run headphones offer users a rich sound experience.

Sony Float Run headphones
New Float Run Headphones (Photo: Sony)

Comfort for athletes

Sony’s newly available Float Run headphones offer a truly unique design. Although open-ear headphones may not be new tech, Sony has engineered a new way to deliver it.  Float Run headphones remain off the user’s ears and are held in place by a strap that runs along the back of the head and sits just behind the ears.

Because these headphones do not actually touch the ear canal, but float beside it, they provide audio input without coming in direct contact with the ear. What this means for runners and other fitness buffs is that they will be able to listen to music comfortably during their run or workout.

Both flexible and secure

Without putting pressure on the head or ears, Float Run headphones remain secure and stable thanks to their neckband design, the firm says. These headphones are made to remain in place, no matter how an athlete moves. And, according to the company, they have been tested on a wide range of head shapes and hairstyles and with an extensive range of accessories such as hats and sunglasses to insure their flexibility and stability.

In addition, Float Run headphones are light-weight, weighing in at just about 33 grams, which also adds to their comfort.

Music AND ambient sound

The new model is designed not to compromise on sound. Incorporating 16mm drivers with what the company is calling “precise tuning” these headphones, Sony claims, offer runners and other athletes more natural and wider sound.

Even with their open-ear design, Float Run headphones also have the capacity to diminish the echo of the sounds made by the body while working out, sounds such as footsteps, chewing or heavy breathing. At the same time, the new headphones allow for ambient sound to reach users. “The unique design allows music to naturally mix with ambient sound,” says Sony, which allows wearers to be aware of their surroundings and perform their workouts safely.

Rugged and durable

Athletes can pursue their outdoor workouts without having to worry about rain damaging their headphones. The Float Run model is IPX4 splash-resistant, making it weather-resistant as well as sweat-proof.

Additionally, these headphones offer long battery life. They can be charged fully and last for up to 10 hours as well as be charged in 10 minutes to give in-a-hurry runners up to one hour of usage.

Float Run headphones also come with several built-in controls, including the ability for wearers to control playback and access to a smartphone’s voice assistant without having to remove the device from their pockets or bags.

Beyond workouts

Sony’s new model of headphones are not only built for workouts. The Float Run model, with its high-quality built-in microphone and USB-C charge capacity, is also ideal for work and productivity tasks. And, when users are ready to put them away, the headphones come with a carrying pouch to keep the supplied charging cable and headphones together and protected.

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