Sony introduces a new frontier of surround sound with the HT-A9

Sony’s HT-A9 surround sound system features the manufacturers’ 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology, which measures the relative height and position of each speaker and, based on positioning, synthesises the sound waves and creates up to twelve phantom speakers from just four speakers.

The four speakers connect wirelessly to the control box and the speakers feature X-Balanced Speaker Units that are a unique rectangular shape to maximise the diaphragm area for richer bass and maintaining sound pressure and vocal clarity. 

Adding an optional subwoofer to the system to handle low frequencies allows the system to reproduce sound with greater impact and power than before, Sony said.

The HT-A9 surround sound system features Sony’s 30 Spatial Sound Mapping technology

Two models are available, designed to bring out deeper bass, more voice clarity and extra fidelity. The SA-SW5 features 300W of deep, rich bass from a 180mm driver with passive radiator, while the SA-SW3 features 200W of sound from a compact bass reflex subwoofer with a 160mm driver.

Users can easily access popular music services like Spotify and stream their favourite albums and playlists with both Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2; the speakers can also be connected with Bluetooth-compatible devices. 

The HT-A9 is also compatible with Google Assistant-enabled devices with Chromecast built-in or Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

Creates 12 phantom speakers from four speakers
Access popular music services
Compatible with Google Assistant- and Alexa-enabled devices

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